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Update on treatment

Hi all and GetTheJDIn, I saw your enquiry. Well after having one B12 shot before my holiday, ( as the GP still thinks I don't have PA ) but after my little outburst about writing letters he suggested maintaince doses every eight weeks. When I got back I went to see him having had more blood tests where the B12 was lower than in January, I have persuaded him to give me loading doses, he thought every other day was over the top lol. So I am having one shot every week for now and another blood test in two weeks. He also upped my ferritin to 3 times a day as it has only moved from 7 to 28 ug in 6 months. I also have iron deficiency which I think confuses the issues, I hope when I get the results from the bloods I can get the GP to continue with once a week until I feel better, after all maintenance is for when you feel better!!! I am pleased to say that I have noticed some improvement, but a way to go yet. Also the nurse that gives me the shots asked how I felt and when I talked about the fatigue she said it's not just tiredness it wipes you out, at last someone that understands! It was like a breath of fresh air. You just have to persevere until you get the results. I'll give another update in a few weeks after the bloods.

Thank you all so much for the advice and support on here as it would be very easy to give up when you feel ill. Cali

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