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so exhausted / foggy I can't feed myself - what is impact of overactive thyroid plus b12d?

feeling awful - the only new factor is GP says my thyroid is a bit overactive (which surprised me as I'm on the plump side, say 10lbs overweight). Can anyone tell me how this interacts with B12d? (I've had low folate, ferritin and D in January, but with the supplements for 6 months all these seem to be ok now). Also, pins and needles is very bad lately, it's hard to sleep (have been referred to neurologist, so far have only been seeing GP).

this would have been funny if it weren't tragic but I want to share for some support. Am doing what seems right (b12 SI about once per week, folate supp, K2, D3, Mg). Yesterday I got in from work and was in despair just trying to poach eggs .. couldn't switch cooker on. managed it. really, really trying to concentrate. broke first egg all over the place. started to cook one egg. made tea without the tea bag. dropped cup. smashed second egg yolk. started again with eggs, just didn't bother the yolk was cracked. dropped teapot. there's more.. but.. eventually i managed to get some food inside me but though comic it was quite frightening -- would have given up except i was really hungry.

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Hello Mashie44 I'm new here so still learning and sadly have no advice but do resonate with the times when it seems more like something out of a Frank Spencer or Laurel & Hardy episode and looking back I think that's why I made sure I always had stuff around that was ready to eat that I just didn't have to think about.

I gave up the eggs a year or two ago as they just repeated on me and a friend said "why are you eating them then?" and I said "dunno" lol. But it's hard to get stuff that's not gonna hurt your diet and that's simple and filling to keep you going. My main answer so far has been chilli lol.

I feel it's when the brain is over-active, it's firing off millions of whatever it fires off and hands and stuff are just too slow so the messages are bombarding my limbs and it makes them do silly stuff like drop/break stuff. But that's just my imagination of the situation, I'm no doctor/physician.


Mashie44 - you might find it useful to post on the TUK forum in relation to hyperthyroidism.


This article lists the symptoms of hyperthyroidism


They overlap considerably with B12 symptoms ...and cover some of the symptoms you mention.

Most of the literature/studies around links between thyroid problems and B12 tend to be around the links between hypothyroidism (low thyroid function) and B12 deficiency though I did find this - quite a small study in Greece which found a statistically significant correlation between low B12 levels in the hyperthyroid group studied but the group is very small


A correlation just means that two things seem to occur together but doesn't mean that you have found the causal link - so the B12 problems and the hyperthyroidism may not be directly connected but could be down to something else going on, or it could be that being hyperactive means that some processes that use up B12 are working harder and using up more B12 than might other wise be the case. The actual article may have discussed this in more detail but all that is actually given is just the abstract summary.

I'm more familiar with hyperthyroidism in cats - and from that would have to say that it is perfectly possible to be overweight and hyperthyroid though it is probably quite rare.


hi - thanks! I'll try TUK. I also found the paper referencing Greece - they seemed to think the high folate diet could be involved in the anomaly. It just underlines how little we understand the amazing chemical interactions of our bodies...


Firstly, have you posted your Thyroid results on the Thyroid forum, on here (healthunlocked)? From what I've read on there, a lot of doctors don't really understand the Thyroid and how it works. So get your results from the doctor and post, it's a very busy, excellent site with lots of expert advice.

Also, as Thyroid symptoms can overlap with B12 deficiency, as can low folate and low vit D! All these need to be at a good level for your Thyroid to function efficiently.

As you say, you were really hungry at the time, maybe because you were rushing you made mistakes, brain and hands not working together. We all do things like that, on a daily basis in my case!

Good luck and please post on Thyroid UK you might get some answers.


Posts overlapped, I knew I shouldn't have put kettle on in the middle of writing a post. lol.

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thanks to both of you, greenbexy and Gambit62. I don't have test results - I could only get a phone appt with my GP and I asked about thyroid as I'd been feeling so tired (meaning shaking, crying, can't-stand-up tired)-- he said "your thyroid was a bit overactive in the last test" - not that I even knew a test had been done; it could have been a year ago. I presume it is not very overactive or they would have discussed it with me... The phone call worked in that he gave me a neurologist appt. Now I need to specifically ask about the test results.. I'll try Thyroid UK. I also found most correlations to be with hypothyroidism when I tried to research online....


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