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Heavy metal testing


I'm exploring every avenue to get to the bottom of my CFS. Can any one recommend a company that does heavy metal tests (mercury mainly I would think). I see there are various companies advertising urine or hair tests, but I've no idea how reliable these types of test are, or if it needs to be a blood test. Needless to say my GP will not cooperate, so I need to arrange it myself.


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mouldy63, I can't remember seeing anyone reporting having test for heavy metal in the time that I have been on this forum - a few years.

BlueHorizonMedicals is this something you are aware of?

main potential risk area that does come up occasionally with mercury is amalgam fillings though the evidence on whether these are really dangerous or not is very mixed with nothing conclusive on either side at the moment. I'm a long way from being an expert but the big problem seems to be organic mercury compounds which are able to get into parts of the body that other mercury compounds can't. Getting any amalgam the fillings replaced by non-amalgam fillings would be a possibility but difficult to say if it is really necessary in your case.

There is some evidence, on the other hand, that using methylB12 can help with clearing mercury from your system. Sorry - can't give you anything concrete because the evidence really isn't conclusive eitherway.

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Thanks Gambit62, I'll take a look at BlueHorizon. I too have read differing opinions on amalgam fillings, and many say the biggest risk is in the mercury you're exposed to when having them removed. I tried methylB12 and had a bad reaction, so am now trying Hydroxocobalamin, and am getting bad detox symtoms - nothing's ever easy! Am awaiting my 23andme results, which will hopefully take the guess work out of it.


best of luck


just tagged you in in case you knew anything about heavy metal testing.


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