Testing for B12

How long does it take to get blood test results ? After a long battle with my GP finally was told the two blood tests would be undertaken to test for B12 deficiency. I was told to take the blood straight to the hospital as they had to be there within 30 minutes and am now told it may be three weeks before I get results. Is this correct?

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  • It depends where you are I expect, and what tests have been done. I remember my antibody tests taking 3 weeks, normal FBC with serum B12 etc usually back in 4 days, but currently with the New Year etc it took longer for my daughter's blood test results this time. Not sure if its all because of extra work load during winter.

  • Last serum B12 I had done - blood taken on Wed and told results would probably be back on Monday - were certainly there the next Wed as I picked them up when I went for a B12 shot.

    It probably does depend on where you are and may be influenced by the range of tests that the doctor has requested.

  • mine were done by nurse at the health clinic and was phoned by my GP week after, treatment started the next day

  • My GP generally do ferritin, FBC,WBC, Serum B12, Bone profile, Folate , CRP and i receive blood test result in 3 days.

  • Mine took three weeks to come back but I am sure they lost the results!

  • It takes a week to get your results in Scotland from my surgery or health centre. I see the nurse every six months.

  • That's normal in Scotland. In fact, for 'fancier' tests they can sometimes take longer, but 3 weeks is what my GP allows and it's not uncommon for them not to show in this period. It always takes longer for things like B12 to turn up as it is not routinely tested for. Sad but true.

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