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Preparing for a Neurology Appointment

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are all not feeling too bad. I finally have my long awaited neurology appointment in about 2 weeks. I would really like some help please in preparing for this appointment to get the most out of it. My main aim from this appointment would be to get MMA and homocysteine tests done but what are the best articles or points I could raise to get this done. Any help would be appreciated please.

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Don't rely on memory. Write down all of your symptoms, even the ones you think may be irrelevant. Write a complete list of any supplements you may be taking, including amounts. Make a note of what tests you would like (bear in mind that hCys may not be available as it requires specialist equipment and should be done immediately after blood is taken).

Accept that the doctor will want to examine all possibilities, not just a B12 deficiency. If you've had other tests done (especially an HbA1c for diabetes) try to bring a copy of the results.

It's quite unlikely that they will give you a diagnosis on the day. Blood test, electromyography and nerve conduction tests would all provide information necessary for a diagnosis.


If you are already on b12 injections would a MMS and Homocysteine test give correct levels. X


I can't say for sure, but on my reading of medical articles on treating high homocysteine levels they tended to say that it is usually "normalized" or very much improved within two weeks of taking B12.

So it would be sensible to test MMA and homocysteine but if you have taken large doses of B12 expect to get back a relatively normal result.


Thanks for all the replies. Hopefully they will at least agree to an MMA test. I have deliberately stayed off all B12 supplements since April in the hope of getting a diagnosis or ruling it out. I have since found out I have Thyroid disease which could be also causing a lot of the symptoms. I'm very grateful for all your help. Thanks

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