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I am looking for a doctor on NHS that will properly assess me. I was diagnosed with MS approx. 8 yrs ago. I want a 2nd opinion from a Dr that knows of b12 deficiency and Ms giving almost identical MRI scans results. I have been self injecting every day for 3 weeks and am feeling a lot better if a little numb. . Why am I feeling numb?????? Any help appreciated. THANKS.

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I found this for you as I noticed you hadn't had a reply. You may have seen it already but hope it's useful anyway. (P.S. Hope the link works! I haven't posted a link before).

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I have found out why I'm numb. I must of injected close to the SIATIC NERVE. it will get better, I THINK.


Panic over it wasn't injecting too close to the SIATIC NERVE, the numbness is due to my nerves being reactivated /revitalised. B12 and folic acid it's all good


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