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Another Very Interesting Article on B12 being essential for optimal health



After reading about the many critical functions carried out by vitamin B12 in our body – from our bone and blood cells to our reproductive and nervous systems – it is no wonder that B12 is so fundamental to our wellbeing.

Greater recognition of the many health problems associated with B12 deficiency is leading to more testing and diagnosis. And, with supplements now readily available,more people may be able to address some of their medical concerns. An understanding of the B12 connection to our health continues to increase and shows promise in one day becoming a routine part of our typical practices for a healthy lifestyle."

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I love the quote in Dr Sarah Myhills book - Sustainable Medicine - about injecting those over 60 with B12 - well it makes race horses run faster !! Good enough for me.

Another NHS GP who was hounded out of the system for thinking outside the box and actually getting her patients well. Now her Private practice is so busy she is unable to take on any more patients.



So true Marz ! I'm glad it's easy for animals to get their B12 but it makes reluctance to treat human beings even more puzzling. Hoping SI means I can go galloping off into the sunset though.

Whenever I hear of Dr Sarah Myhill's book, I particularly recall her advice about patient's history being 90% of diagnosis (I think that was the figure)

My daughter and granddaughter were unable to get appointments - she was so busy, her lists were closed.


I always renember Martyn Hooper at the Thyroid UK Conference starting his presentation with a picture of a sheep on screen ! Apparently when a sheep leaves the flock and wants to be alone - then it's time for some B12 ! Shepherd took Martyn into a shed and showed him the 5 gallon containers of pink liquid ! Apparently over 80% of B12 made in Europe goes into animals.

So perhaps it is better to see your vet. Good for thyroids too !! My dog is dosed on T4 according to her weight !!


Should be "required reading" for every G.P.


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