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Low B 12

I started with paranoia, depression, panic attacks,heart palpitations, loss of breath and full body weakness. I constantly felt like I was physically on a boat. I thought I was dying. It wasn't until Feb of 2017 that I asked my Dr to check my vitamin levels. I went in to see her countless times for anxiety and my heart. She had done the standard blood test and everything was good. This started in October of 2016. 4 months of suffering was a living hell for me. My shots started right away. Dr put me on Lexapro and Xanax to help while I leveled out. Anyway It's been 5 months and I still don't feel like myself. I got off the Lexapro and I have no depression or anxiety but I still feel like I can't focus or remember anything. Like I'm still in a fog. Not sure if it's a side effect from stopping the meds or if it's from my b12 deficiency and my brain it still fixing itself. Do any of you have any info about the matter? Like knowledge of what I can do to be focused and to just feel normal again. Thanks

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Hi Vinnie77 was your Folate level tested at the same time or since?


You must take folate with the B12 - it is absolutely essential. The two go hand-in-hand - heard from a local physician expert who consulted on my PA case. It takes a very long time to get the feeling of being "with it" and not feeling the brain fog. It has been three years, but if I am stressed by heat or work stress these symptoms will be more apparent. Be self- aware and observant. Someone here on this forum talked about cellular malabsorption with high serum levels of B12. Even after taking B12 injections for years, the symptoms can persist with stress. Eat healthy, moderate exercise, and allow for a good night's sleep. My peripheral neuropathy/unsteadiness/brain fog returns in stressful situations. Remember PA is a life-long condition- be kind to yourself.


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