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Not feeling good after last injection

Hi I had my loading doses which finished in April . Next regime was 3 monthly . I felt the best I have in years as my b12 went from 250 to 2000 . My bloods were checked in June and they had dropped to 1000 again so my questions are .does that mean that the injections were working and is it normal for levels to drop after a couple of months . Also when I got my much awaited injection on Friday I have not felt as good as I did . Could it have been given wrong . I have low mood weakness and tingling all back again . What else should I take .? My folate levels seemed fine but I am wiling to take whatever I need to feel good again .

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You might need more frequent injections. i inject every other day to keep my moods stable and my physical stamina up. If you are at a deficit you will need more to build up. My B12 levels are over 2000 and i still get symptoms of deficiency. My GP ordered tests for transcobalimin, which i think tests the binding capacity for B12, or active B12.

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Ok thank u so would it be helpful to get this test done will it give her a basis for more regular injections then . May I ask where you source your injections from and how you keep a check they're working . When I was getting weekly I felt the best I did in years . So I don't think I could wait another 3 months if this is how I feel now . I don't understand why after the first injection in 3 months I feel worse instead of better which I thought would happen x

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You may be hypermetabolizing the B12 so you are using it up faster. There is no perfect test. I have becone very attuned to my body and how i feel. Sometimes a major stressful event, like a blowout argument with my know everything 22 year old son (who I love dearly but from afar) wreaks havoc on my mental state. Sends my B12 crashing. I think everyone's symptoms or nanifestation if B12 deficiency are unique. I never get numbness but i do get off balance and parkinson like tremor in my hands. I have a Rx from my Dr. The nurses in his office taught me how to stlf inject. There are patches, sublinguals and a new VAPING system fir B12 delivery. I use methylcobalamin sublingual drops daily. My injectable is 1 mg cyanocobalamin. Pharmacy fills. I have seen the injectabke online but i am leary. Also you will need to get needles wither online or Pharmacy. I use pharmacy because insurance pays. I am in US, Boston area.

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Couple of thoughts..

1. Your body could be using lots of b12 in the rapid production of new healthy cells.

2. Your body could be moving b12 from plasma into muscles to improve weakness ect.

3. Your body could be moving b12 to storage in liver as your storage was likely depleted. Info i have read says body stores anywhere from 2000 to 5000 mcg of b12.

4. I only know for sure about cyano b12 but manufacturers label says 50 to 98% is passed through urine within 48 hours...so how much is absorbed is anyone guess.


5. One injection of b12 after 3 months may not have gotten you back up to the level your individual body needs to address tiredness.

6. Any other unknown reason due to lack of significant research into a vitamin because drug companies cant make lots of money off of it.

I suggest you advocate for more frequent injections. Only you know how you feel.

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Does this happen with people who have fibromyalgia I was recently told having a b12 defecency.


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