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B12 ant travel


I decided to self inject at the start of the year due to doctor refusing to inject more regularly than every 3 months.

After a period of experimentation I have settled on injecting every 10 days

This seems to be the best for me

My question is - I'm due to go on holiday for 2 weeks in October and I was wondering how to transport the needles and serum and do I have to declare it

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Officially, you need a letter from your doctor - gov.uk/hand-luggage-restric...



This is something I've been looking into before I go away later in the year. However, I can print out my repeat prescription and use that as documentation.

Being as this may be a regular trip I'm thinking of posting a few vials of B12, syringes and needles to the apartment, with z prescription printout.

The alternative is to buy it when you get to your destination.

Anybody know if hydroxocobalamin, needles and syringes are available without prescription inPortugal?

Soph12 in reply to fbirder

No they are not honey not even with prescription I could not get them I go to portugal a lot. ask your doctor to write a letter and carry in your hand luggage I have done this 4 times now with no problems at security I offered my letter to them but they were fine just as long as I had it. have a great trip I go on Sunday.


where are you going? injectable B12 is actually available over the counter from pharmacies in some countries so may not be necessary to carry it with you.

I have travelled with hydroxocobabalin ampoules carried in hand luggage in a clear plastic bag that contains liquids - so it has been carried with insulin and make up, I have never carried a letter from my GP or specialist, i do get frisked every time I go through security but this is to do with wearing a insulin pump, my medications have never been an issue. My son also carries epipens through security/customs in his liquid bag and this has never been an issue either - although we have only travelled in europe with easy jet or Ryanair. I carry syringes and needles in hand luggage or in hold and suitcase has never been pulled up either.

I've travelled to India a couple of times sharing my needles, syringes & hydroxocobalin between hand & hold luggage with the sharps box in the hold. I did have a doctors letter but was never asked to show it. Flew to Scotland recently and asked at security if there was ever a problem carrying needles & syringes, was reassured that it is not a problem. Clear plastic bag when it's in hand luggage going through security.

Hi Coachlady11 I SI (without doctors approval so no letter) and have been on holiday abroad twice, I took with me both times (Peru & China) b12 amps and needles, I packed some to go in hold luggage, and I had some in carry on luggage in a clear plastic container both the amps and the needles, and kept out of my bag as I went through security, I had no problems at all, and was not even questioned, ad they did not even examine further.

When I went to Peru I was SI every day and was away for 3 weeks, and in China was away or almost 3 weeks and si twice a week

hope that is helpful

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