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I have suffered for some time with PA and one of the symptoms is foliculitis.After numerous antibiotics which didn't work I did some research.

I chose hair removal cream. And its helped greatly.I did want to try the vaniqa which needs a script and costs $90 but Dr said no till you see dermatologist.

Thought I try off the shelf and my face looks so much better

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Sorry I can't help to ask, what is the purpose of your post.

(I Don't mean to be rude, just asking).

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The way I read it Ryaan, kmalbasich has found something that works for acne and is sharing it with the forum...

Though as always, speak with a GP first, especially before applying anything to the face or taking additional medications 😉

Pleased that you've found something that works for you kmalbasich. Good luck with the dermatologist 👍

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Correct,Im just putting out possible cures for our issues.And as I often state this is everyones personal journey to find what works for them.

I have noticed that when b12 start getting low skin gets wee bit better as my symptoms get worse and as soon as I get injection it flares a bit too.I just didnt want to be on antibiotics for life!

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I had a lot on my forehead for few months. Wasn't very pleasant, but I got less with every injection. I don't know if that's the case for everyone.

Glad it helped you, All the best.

Which brand cream? (For future reference).


Oh, l see......hair removal cream works on acne !

Yes, pleased it works for you kmalbasich. Which one like....I heard of Jolen. My wife got but never used for acne.

I had a lot of acne when I started injecting. Had to put up with it for months before it cleared. (Painful bumpy acne). I think body gets used to it, now I rarely get the odd spot or 2.

Glad it works for you, thanks for sharing.

Thanks for explaining.

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Foliculitis is hair shaft getting infected at base so I though get rid of hair follicle.Read a few people had used a prescription cream which was expensive.

So I thought give ill give Nair hair removal cream a go see if it helped and it did! lol

Might help someone!

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