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What a waste of NHS money!

Last November, I had bloods done that showed positive I.F and G.P.C. Saw a different doc in the same practice a few weeks ago (one week after my NHS jab, done at the same surgery), and he took some bloods. He commented that I had tested positive for P.A., so he knew about it.

I've just checked the results online and among others, he re-took I.F. and G.P.C tests and sent them by courier to a lab 100 miles away as our local authority doesn't do them. He also took a B12 level.

And guess what? The B12 has come back over range and the other tests are positive again. Did he think that my P.A. would have magically cured itself in the last six months? What a waste of NHS money!

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Hi topazrat I think he must have missed the Wednesday afternoon seminar on P.A given during his years of training


Yup. Not only was it an exercise in futility, but doing an I.F. test so close to a jab is double futility!


I have just received a letter from the surgery saying, “It is now time to re-check your B12 levels.” (Also folate)

This is 1¼ years after finishing 5 loading injections, and then a retest – no B12 from them since. The original test was B12 -103 < 180 -1000) plus neurological symptoms.

A fine state I would be in now without any B12 injections in that time.

They are quite happy to waste money on testing, but do nothing with the results. When I read the letter my politest words were stupid and idiot. (I never swear) Give them a chance of whinging about my high levels – not a chance.

PS topazrat I believe the IF test is expensive so why waste money. Hoping it comes back negative this time and WOW you no longer have PA and they can stop your treatment ?


Can you beginner1 conjure up a picture of an empty auditorium in a teaching hospital with just a lone lecturer snoozing zzzzz on the dais.

The sign on the door would be something like "Seminar on B12 Def and P.A." Wednesday afternoon 2.30 - 3.30pm. Attendance optional"

Perhaps Mabel could be stood at the entrance with a question mark on her head


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