self injecting

Hi Everybody, well i've finally decided enough is enough and been online this morning and ordered everything I need to S I (apart from a sharps box which I still have to sort).My GP has asked that I let the nurse talk me through the first one, feel as if i've started to take control of my life again. Thanks to all of you for your help and info that has brought me to this decision ,will let you know how i get on.

Best wishes to all

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  • Congratulations and very best wishes !

  • Thanks wedgewood

  • Hi Pitney

    I have had Pernicious Anaemia for 20 years or so and for

    probably the last 6/7 maybe more as time flys I am able to take

    Cyanocobalmin 50mg tablet form instead of monthly injections that sting

    like a bee lol have you been offered this choice ?

  • Cazzy22 can I just check that you do mean 50mg - that's quite high for someone managing the condition - usually levels used are 1mg-10mg.

  • Thanks Gambit62 but it was Cassy22 taking the 50mg not me

  • sorry Pitney - keep forgetting to mention an individual responder to make it clear I don't mean the thread poster but forget - apologies

  • No problem just didn't want to lead you astray and thanks anyway, have a good weekend

  • Thanks for the info,yes have tried Cyanocobalmin in the past doesn't do much for me i'm afraid, but not had a problem with stinging so far with the injections just not often enough

  • Welcome to getting your life back!

    Please make sure you get enough of the supporting supplements needed to make the extra B12 work - a broad spectrum multivitamin and mineral supplement plus extra folate, potassium and magnesium, maybe iron.

    Go for it!!

  • MMany thanks yes I will

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