Self injecting lost confidence

Self injecting lost confidence

Hi all, I had my last self injection on Thursday , I don't know whether I hit a small spider vein or what happened but it hurt enough that o gasped and pulled the needle out. Changed it and used the other leg. Tried to give myself one again tonight and sat shaking, not able to move my hand down with the needle. Hands sweating, taking deep breaths. Think I've lost all confidence and don't know what to do now! :( been doing it for about3-4 weeks now alternate days but wasn't well over the weekend.

Syringe is just sitting beside me now, throw it out because it's been out for a while?

Help appreciated

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  • Hi JordanC. I think this is a small loss of confidence and something at you can get've been doing so well and I'm sure you'll be able to get back to it.

    If you did hit a small spider vein, it will have done you no harm. It might be that you just happened to touch a small nerve...this occasionally happens and when it does it gives a sort of sharp tingly pain that will make you jump...and pull the needle out 😖. Again, this won't have done you any harm.

    As you're feeling a bit under the weather this has probably given your confidence an even bigger 'hit'.

    If you change the needle on the syringe it should be okay to use the B12 that's already in the syringe...if you're going to use it tonight. If not, probably best to err on the side of caution and start again with everything fresh.

    Just keep in mind the good that the B12 is doing you, grit your teeth, and have another go. You can't do yourself any damage so don't worry about that. You only have to get it in once to start feeling your confidence coming back.

    So...this is just a little 'blip' brave....slide the needle in slowly...stop for a while...take a few deep breaths...then slowly inject the B12. Go at your own pace and if you feel shaky just wait awhile (with everything still in place) until you feel steady enough to carry on.

    I know you can do this...and so do you 'cause you've already done it lots of time...if you're still about do it before you go to bed so that you don't have to worry about it anymore...

    Good luck...let us know how you get on and post again if you need more help 😀

  • Brilliant answer, Foggyme! I'm just about to do my jab for today and feel encouraged by what you've written, even with all the practice I've had! x

  • Perhaps you could try sub cut into tummy fat for a while till you get your confidence back. Don't give up.

  • The thought of that freaks me out a little more because its tummy (sounds silly). How do I do that and does it not sting more?

    Thank you

  • I'm the other way round no way could I stick a long needle into a muscle. For subcut I use a small insulin needle pinch the roll of fat up on my tummy and inject into that. It does sometimes sting a bit but going slowly helps. I learnt from watching videos but I'm sure one of the admins would be able to guide you.

  • Thank you - I use the insulting needles for my leg, couldn't do the king ones into a muscle either!! May have to try this way if I can't get into my leg. Amazing how one thing can knock you back although I never was good with needles!

  • Straight in or at an angle ?

  • I was absolutely terrified of needles couldn't even look at one and I still don't like other people approaching me with one. I find my confidence starts to go if I go too long without an injection.

    I go in at a slight angle, not sure if that is right though so perhaps check. I think to a certain extent it depends how much fat you have on your tummy

  • No worries about that for me lol! I'll watch a few videos online to see as well then just have to bite the bullet, I know they've been helping because I cN walk down a set of stairs without wobbling now.

    Thank you for the help :) x

  • Good luck. Just keep thinking how they are helping. I use to ice the area first found it helped but could have been all in my mind lol

  • Thank you so much for this ice tip!! It's managed to get me through the first proper injection since :)

  • Glad it helped. Hope the injections do as well. Had my three monthly one at the doctors the other day, the nurse had trouble getting the needle into the muscle and boy did it hurt.

  • I take insulin needles and use a body part with very little bodyfat. I tried my lower arm muscles during a few moments where I felt too lazy to undress but it always hurts a bit. I find that the big upper arm muscle, the one coming from the shoulder works best: there's one spot where I know I'll hit a nerve and can avoid it, and the rest is just fine. Leg muscles are fine as well, though the insulin needles are possible just a bit too short for that.

  • I do the fat injections , way too scared to try the muscle ones! :(

  • Sub cutaneous works just as well and I find it far less painful.

  • That's what I do do, must have hit a nerve... and lost what I had!

  • Awww bless my heart goes out to you. My best friend usually does my shots but last night I did my first shot myself yay! She really pushed me to and held my hand, encouraged me through it all. Surprisingly I did quite well considering I am so scared of needles etc. I don't know if I can do it completely on my own. Maybe you can get a friend or family member to help?

    All the best :)

  • I'm highly considering asking my other half to do it but then could I let him near me with the needle either ?! I'll have to bite the bullet at some point :(

  • P.s plus you have been doing sooo well! Don't loose confidence now you can do it! We are all here for you x

  • Oh I had exactly the same experience. It stopped me for a bit until I became really unwell & I knew I just had to do it. I just told myself it would make me better, went slowly & it went like a dream all due to the help I got on here. Read my'll be fine :)

  • I think it's great that you have done them yourself before. I thought that I would have been okay doing them myself..... until I found out my loading doses would be intramuscula, thought they would be sub-cut had to jiggle them about with surgery closing at xmas! Good for you, have confidence, be brave! I wish that I didn't have to attend surgery to get mine, but I know how it could affect you. I have given them to other people, but to yourself must be another story!

  • Thank you all for your advise and help - I've managed to near enough get back on the wagon after the fatigue hit today with a bang!! :)

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