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Test results interpretation please

Test results interpretation please

Hello all,

I've been kindly directed here by admin from thyroid UK.

I would be super grateful for your interpretation of my b 12 and iron results.

I have a diagnosed under active thyroid for which I'm taking 175mcg Levothyroxine. I currently feel fatigued, body aches, joints ache,left leg shooting pains (feels like nerve), cold hands and feet and weight gain of 1 stone(despite super healthy diet).

My dose of Levo has increased a few times recently. I usually feel better for 6 weeks and then come crashing down.

Any advice would be gratefully accepted.

Kind regards


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you need to talk about the B12 results to your GP as these are very low.

Were these private tests or tests done by your doctor? Possible that your doctor may want to repeat if they were done privately.

Also make a list of symptoms (although low some people will still be okay with these levels so symptoms are important). They may overlap with thyroid but its also true that if your thyroid problems are autoimmune that makes it more likely that you will have more than one autoimmune condition ... and PA - the most common form of B12 deficiency - is an autoimmune condition.


Please don't be tempted to supplement until you have gone as far as you can with your GP in terms of getting a diagnosis of B12 deficiency and had the possible causes investigated.

Your folate is a little on the low side but still in range.


Thanks so much for your reply.

The test was privately done, out of sheer desperation to understand what's going on with me.

I definitely won't self supplement and will speak to Dr about repeat tests and tests for pa.

Thanks. A little further light shed.

Kind regards


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Note: normal test for PA - IFA is prone to give false negatives 60=40% of time depending on assay method so a negative doesn't prove that you don't have PA.

Other possible causes of absorption problems include: coeliacs, crohns, h pylori infection (treatable), lowered stomach acidity (frequently mistaken for high stomach acidity) and a whole raft of drug interactions including PPIs, Metformin, NSAIDs ...

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So if the test result my dr does shows a negative, what should I do?

I've been tested for coeliac and it's negative.

Symptoms wise


Easily upset stomach

Constipation followed by

loose stools

Knuckles sore

Knees sore upon bending

Recent migraines (had them few year ago but they stopped totally. Now started again)

List goes on.


rationally point out the limitations of the test if your doctor says its come back negative and that rules out PA - but suggest you cross that bridge if you come to it. Hope that your GP is open to working with you.


Thanks so much for your advice.

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Hi Gambit62.

I hope you are good.

Can I please ask you a further question.

right now I'm in a lot of pain in left leg. Dr gave me Codine. It's not worked. Am going dr today to get something stronger.

It feels like electric shocks, over sensitive skin and stabbing pain all at once. Could this be down to B12 deficiency. It started 6 days ago. Or trapped nerve?

Any guidance would be much appreciated.


can't give you a diagnosis - could be B12 - could be trapped nerve - could be load of other things.

Pain killers can be a bit hit and miss. Codeine isn't recommended for long term use as can cause constipation.


I need something stronger for sure. The dr gave me some sachets for bowel movements.

Hopefully it will sort out soon. Thanks for your time


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