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Have been suffering for 10 years w. CFS, and chronic sinusitis. Been tested, poked and prodded, taken all the vitamins, supplements, ate organic, exercised and nothing helped. Started taking HCL, one tablet w. meals on Friday, today is Wednesday and I am up to seven tablets and still no warming of the stomach. My Hypochloridia must be really, really bad. Already feeling a little better. Eating less but feeling stronger, no more bloating, idigesstion or nausea. Looking forward to regaining my health after 10 years of utter misery.

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marosfo, think it would be helpful if you could say a little bit more about why you have posted this and if you have a B12 absorption problem.

And just a general reminder to everyone that this site isn't a substitute for professional medical advice.



Are you saying you're taking seven betaine.HCl tablets with each meal? If so, don't. That is way more than the packet recommends and could be doing some severe damage to your stomach.

I'm not sure what this 'warming' is that you expect.


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