B12 sublinguals 5000mcg alternative

I will run out of my Solgar B12 before my next order arrives in mid May from USA. Unfortunately as I posted previously i can't find a UK supplier at the moment.

On amazon I found Vitamin B12 Methylcobalamin 1000mcg 180 Tablets by Nu U Nutrition priced at £12.97and wondered if anyone has any experience of them especially as I can't find any information out about the company


I know they are only 1000mcg but they might tied me over if they are any good. Just seem too cheap to be true

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  • Jarrow has an excellent B12 methylcobalamin, 5000 mcg, 60 sublingual lozenges. It's available on amazon.co.uk and iherb. Deliveries from iherb take less than one week. I hope it helps.


  • I have spent quite a lot of money on iherb recently buying stuff, which is difficult to get in Europe and I have never had to pay any additional charges.

    I highly recommend using the CHEAPEST shipment option available as it is far less likely to be checked by the customs and orders still arrive withing one week or even quicker (officially delivery time is 2 weeks). One two occasions I paid nothing for delivery ;) They customer service is excellent - they very quickly reply to emails. I hope it helps.

  • Thanks Kitten1978. I had replied to a reply (😀) which gave a link to a product from Amazon...to a supplier called American Vitamin Spot in the USA. Wasn't clear from the website that the product was being shipped from America, nor what their policy was on import taxes.

    Was flagging up so people were aware.

    The reply I responded to has now been deleted so it makes it look as if I was commenting on your post, which I wasnt 😖😀.

    I'm going to delete the reply about American Vitamin Spot 'cause it makes no sense now...

    Thanks for the information about iherb 👍

  • No worries ;)

  • 👍

  • Pop into your local Holland and Barrett and buy the B12 Boost spray. Costs about £12 and you may even buy one get one half price.

  • Holland and barrett do the 1000 strength so you could use more to make it up that way. Might also be online only but very quick with any deliveries i have had from them.

  • Just a quick comment...not clear from the product information which cobalamin this is - just described as B12 cobalamin.

    Also contains 100mcg dibenccozide (adenosylcobalamin) - just in case you don't want to take this cobalamin type.

    Think we'v discussed this particular product in a previous post from carer999 - although they're described as sublingual (then later as nuggets) it also states that the product can be chewed - and product information on other websites (for the same product) indicates that they should be placed under the tongue for several seconds, then swallowed...feedback from other consumers was that these were not sublingual lozenges...also confirmed by another poster (Shaws - Admin from the thyroid forum).

    So, just thought I'd mention it...it's a lot to spend if its not the product you think you're getting, or if you find out (too late) it's not right for you..


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