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Low B12


I've been sent for a few blood tests and my iron and zinc are low (however I've always suffered with my iron). But my main concern was my B12 results,it came back as 150. Doctor said I may have to go on injections for my life. I'm just worried cause I've read a lot of things what can happen to myself with it being low.

Just wondering if anyone can give me any information or advice on it,thank you

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The majority of problems come from lack of treatment. While PA isn't curable, it is very treatable. As long as you are getting enough B12, you should be able to avoid worsening problems. I know it sounds a little frightening to be told you might need lifelong injections, but it's really no big deal. B12 is a water soluble vitamin that has no upper intake limit (you cannot overdose on it). It is not addictive, and any side effects are pretty rare.


Yeah it was just the things my doctor said to me it frightened me. Thank you for your comment


Hi Sarah

Have a look here for lots more info about what's happening:

(Well worth joining!)


Thank you very much I'll have a look


Hi Sarah 1996 and welcome as I see you are new here.

It is scary when you first hear that you may have a problem with B12 deficiency and may need injections for life, but once you start to get to know what it is all about, it does become less scary.

First, have you read the Pinned Posts on the column alongside this one? A good place to start.

BUT it is also seems that it is not yet certain that you do have Pernicious Anaemia (PA) .

It would be helpful to people here to give you good advice to know:

1. Exactly what tests you have had so far and their results with the ranges used by the lab - eg B12 serum blood test 150 (range XXX - YYY).

2. What is your doctor doing about further tests - and what tests are these? Is the doctor testing you for Intrinsic Factor Antibodies, which is a much more specific test for Pernicious Anaemia, for example?

After I drafted the above, I noted that you have posted on the Thyroid UK forum as well and that someone there has said that "Low B12 like that means Pernicious Anaemia and yes it will mean B12 injections for life."

Sorry, this is not necessarily true. PA is only one cause of b12 being low or deficient, and there are many other causes as well as PA. For example, have or are you being treated for supposed high stomach acid and/or reflux with any drugs? These drugs can also cause B12 deficiency.

i also see that you have said on the Thyroid forum that "My Doctor has requested for my to get retested again for iron,zinc and b12 and then she said she will decide if I need injections."

So it appears that she is still not certain that it is PA - but it would be useful to know exactly what tests she is now doing. Hopefully not just retesting these three factors but also doing the Intrinsic Factor Antibodies test and also a Complete (or Full) Blood Count which measures a whole range of factors on your blood, if this has not already been done.

So, if you can provide this information it would help us help you.

The most important thing NOT TO DO before any further tests are done is to take any supplements, particularly anything (pills, lozenges etc) that contain B12 as this will skew the test results.

We have lots more information for you but lets start with the above as a first step.


Hello,ah yes I wasn't going to join but I feel as this will help me more. I have other health problems but always got on with them,I've been loosing a lot of blood and hair loss so doctor said it could be related to b12 but isn't sure so she has referred me to get a scan on my ovaries. I've had a full blood count and liver test done,there was quite a few I had done,she said there all done but slightly under (I thought well if there under does it really mean I'm fine) but she said not to worry about the others and just concentrate on them 3 which was the zinc,iron and b12,growing up I always suffered with low iron and they always put me on a course of tablets but this time they haven't bothered,thank you for getting back to me


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