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Pregnancy advice

I am currently 25weeks pregnant after a couple of years of trying. I was diagnosed with PA about 10 years ago via part 1 and 2 of the schilling test. No intinsic factor antibodies, more a lack of intrinsic factor.

Anyway I have carried on with my monthly injections of cyanocobalamin as advised by my GP, 1mg monthly. I do not tolerate hydroxocobalamin well - acne and itching,

Can you breast feed on cyanocobalamin?

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I am not sure but I don't think it is recommended in relation to making sure that your baby gets all the B12 they need. Other nutrients etc shouldn't be affected - so you can and should breast feed but will also need to provide some supplementation.

Have you discussed this with your GP/mid-wife?

If you are a member of the PAS (who sponsor this forum) then they have a dedicated nurse who can advise


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