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Hi all,

I had a gastroscopy on 28th Feb was told at the time "all looks ok but biopsies taken" I also had a colonoscopy prior to this procedure which was all clear hence the gastroscopy.

I called today to see if my results are in but was today I need to see the consultant and "they are trying to book me an appointment ".

Up till now I was not worried but this has thrown me a curved ball, they don't book you in to see the Big Cheese if all is ok, they are far too busy, not moaning.

I am overreacting or am I right to be concerned?

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Think the best advice I can give you is to not worry. Its a natural reaction to uncertainty - which is what you are facing - but you really won't know what is happening until you actually see the consultant ... and it is probably something that can be dealt with and the options will be explained when you see the consultant. Until then worrying will just be about what ifs that may never come about. Until then all you can really sensibly do is get on with life.


Thank you for your reassurance. I am not predisposed to "worrying" my mantra is as you say, get on with life. I am so used to invasive tests coming back as clear, it the bloods that are always a problem, hence this has shocked me, I have no idea what they were testing for as I think it was a broad spectrum of possible conditions.

I am not jumping on the "C" word panic though, what will be, will be. Just being referred to see The Man has spooked me.


and it is quite natural that it has spooked you.

Hope you can manage to let it be and not let it dominate your life until you see the consultant.


That sounds like my story. I had endoscopies (both ends) looking for a GI bleed (none found) but I did get called in to see the consultant about the gastroscopy. I knew that they'd spotted a polyp and that those were nearly always something benign, so I was a little worried about that.

It turned out that the biopsy of the polyp was fine, but that some of the other samples, taken nearby, were 'weird'.

It took quite a while and lots of Multidisciplinary Team consultations before they decided I had Neuroendocrine Tumours (NETs, aka gastric carcinoids). These aren't anywhere near as scary as they sound. My gastroenterologist described them as 'indolent'. No treatment, I just have to have another gastroscopy once a year.

If here had been anything very nasty I'm sure they would have found it at the time. So it's likely that it's something small which would mean not too worrying.


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