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Random question re: having blood sample taken?

Hi, the nurse took blood yesterday to test for lots of different things totalling 7 vials which isn't a lot of blood in the grand scheme but more than usual when having bloods taken. I feel absolutely dreadful today, could there be a link between having blood taken and how awful I feel today? I know not particularly b12 related but I didn't know where else to ask. Thanks KJP

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Hi KJP723. I know that sounds and looks like a lot of blood to take but it shouldn't cause you any problems. It looks like a lots as it lurks in the tubes but in reality, when measured, it's not a significant amount (just think how much is taken from blood doners).

Sorry that you're feeling so bad may be B12 deficency symptom related...or perhaps your blood sugar is a bit low (have you been able to eat) or perhaps you may be dehydrated...or even coming down with something?

So...could be any number of reasons why you feel unwell...but don't's highly unlikely that the blood tests are responsible.

Hope you feel better soon. Take care.



Thank you. I didn't think it would be enough to make a difference but I always feel it's worth asking. I've tried to make sure I've eaten and drunk even though I don't much feel like it at the minute. Kids have both got snotty nose's so maybe it's that.

Thanks for your response.

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Hi. It looks more than it is in the tubes but totals about 2 teaspoons. Certainly not enough to make you feel ill the next day as within an hour of the test your body will have made the blood back.

Routine bloods generally consist of about 6 tests then prob with b12,folate&ferritin on top it seems a lot of tests but they are tested out the same tube as your routine bloods.

Hope you feel better soon

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