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SI Does Really Help ... Thank God!

Hi Everyone, Just wanted to say how much this site has helped me and after almost a lifetime of PA problems I finally gave up on asking for more injections etc (Got one every 3 months and they were only prescribed at the age of 50 ish ?) Before that I was fobbed off with anxiety and depression ... Plus the Menopause of course but terrible balance problems were with me since my late 20's? I also had an under active thyroid so I struggled very badly for many years with none of the right help ..

I had really had enough last year after losing the sight in one eye due to a fast growing Cataract and so after much research on here decided to SI ! A year later and I feel alive again and so much better in mind and body so it is so worth doing! Cataract sorted after waiting 9 months as well ... I am 67 next June but now look forward to getting up in the Mornings and enjoy a life again so Hang on those in Despair! It can and does get Better ... Husband Injects me twice a week now but if I had to I would do it myself as I never want to go back to feeling like I did!

Just one question ...I am almost out of Phials of Hydrox B12 and have forgotten the company I last ordered from .. Think it was in England and may have started with a V? . Whatever they were good and a very Nice Price ... Any Ideas?

Thanks for any Advice .. Take Care All x


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Hi Catsgalour. So pleased that you're getting on okay with the SI and beginning to get you back after all this time 😄.

It makes me so cross that so many people struggle for so long, not just because of the ignorance of medics, but because of the absolute unwillingness to listen to their patients and educate themselves. And don't get me started on issues of hostility...

And that's why it's always so good to hear when someone is starting to get their life back...literally for us B12 deficients 😄. Hurrah for you.

I think the site you means is It's a German website (it has and English translation button), you can pay by PayPal, good prices, delivery is swift and quality control is very good - many on the forum use it.

People also use - same comments as those above.

Again, really pleased to hear your SI news...long may it continue.

Take care 👍


Hi Again, Thanks for that ...Yes it was ...! Still get Brain Fog moments (or is it just getting older) which meant I just could not think of it last night and almost get in a panic thinking I need my fix ..Ha Ha!

Could go on and on about this subject but it was claimed enough of my life .. I only have to look at some of the photos of me especially after having second child (1978) and you can see how ill I looked .... Post natal depression was the doctors answers and then Agoraphobia because I feared going out because of the balance problems which then of course led to panic attacks ...You probably have heard it all!

Anyway that child Miriam is visiting from Australia with her newish husband in 2 days so I am off to bake some cakes and enjoy doing a bit of garden tidying ... Still beautiful Spring weather in Bristol and with a few extra shots to build me up I am getting on with enjoying life at last!

Thanks again for your reply ...Take Care yourself ...


your story sounds much like mine. i am 45 and found out i have cataracts . I have never had vision issues in my whole life and now this. I know the struggle of getting drs to listen when it comes to vitamine issues. I said if I can figure this out and get better I am going to help everyone that has struggled with this...i wish you luck


Hi kimandken. Please put a a post if you need any help with what sounds like an ongoing struggle.

Lots of lovely people here to pop along and help you.

Good luck 👍

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Thanks for that ... Hope you sort yourself out very soon ! Lots of lovely people on here and only the best advice. If you do go down the SI route then be patient as it takes sometime to really feel the benefits but even after a couple of weeks you will feel different and also very liberated! Good Luck x


So pleased for you!

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