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Help with results

Could anyone advise me on my recent results.

I eventually persuaded my gp to test my full vitamin levels after finishing a intensive Vit D course.

I have seen the dr this morning who says all results are normal and that my symptoms must be due to my thyroid issues ( pins & needles and numbness in hands and feet, brain fog plus others).

Vitamin D (was 20 before treatment)- 47.8

Vitamin B12- 216 ng/l (197.00-771.00)

Folate - 3.1ug/L (deficient if <3.9)

Many thanks 😊

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You are low on both Folate and B12 Nattii and your symptoms suggest a possible B12 deficiency and thyroid problems may well contribute toward that.

What sort of diet do you have? Can you eat animal products?

I am not a medically trained person but there are others on here who will be able to give you some good advice?

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I have a full and varied diet. I eat either meat/fish most days a week so I don't believe it is to do with my diet, but I could be wrong.

I thought they looked low myself but the dr says all is fine?!

Thank you for taking the time to reply


What is the range of your D test.


Ranges said <30 high dose supplementation required.

30-50 if bone health an issue suggest standard dose supplementation.

50-125 no action required


your folate level is obviously in the deficient range and your B12 is bumping along the bottom.

Whilst it is possible to be fine with the level of B12 you have and most people would be its also possible to be quite deficient - which is why it is important not to use serum B12 as a single indicator - 25% of people who are deficient will fall into the normal range just because of the way ranges are set, and the way people vary significantly in how amounts of B12 in blood relate to the amounts that are actually available to your cells.

Take a look through other posts and the pinned posts and try writing to your GP to point out how important evaluating symptoms is - yes I know it is difficult because of the overlap but ...

you could also suggest looking at MMA levels (raised if not enough B12 at the cell level) as a clarifying test.


Thank you for the suggestions I'll take a look

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