Sososo angry with GP

Had appt with 18yr old son today (2nd option appt) gave him Haematology flow chart, pointed my sons symptoms Gastritis and low B12 serum of 174ng/l - asked for him to have loading doses to prevent neurological damage. We are waiting for Holo results. GP didn't have a clue - never heard of Holo test and won't do load jabs with out Holo result - in the meantime we wait, it's taken a year to get this far..... grrrr - I have now written asking for mine and my sons full medical records!

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  • Oh dear SarahFerguson I hope you get some answers soon

  • So sorry to hear this, SarahFerguson It sounds so similar to those posts we read so frequently. Could you visit another doctor within the surgery? Or, perhaps, see the Practice Manager?

    This could be a good time to join PAS and ask their advice - as posted elsewhere somewhere here (yesterday?)

    Sending {{{Hugs}}}

  • Hi Jmn2017, I am a member of PAS - I've sent 3 letters to practice manager, yet to get a response! And today's appt for my son was the 4th GP in a practice of 6 in partnership!

  • Oh, that's no good. Sorry, I had no idea you had already been doing all that. Have you tried getting an appt with the Practice Manager, to see him/her in person?

    I really don't know what to suggest but there has to be something you can do to get through to these 'professionals' so that you both get proper treatment.

  • Be got to the point of threatening legal action, Gp response was ok, we will wait till we get that letter and we will deal with accordingly! I guess I've hit that brick wall-hence asking now for mine and my sons medical records. I haven't had a reply from practice manager after 4 letters, she's obviously not interested in the surgery patients! Frustrated is an understatement!

  • Thank you for your reply. It's late now, but I would love to speak to you in more detail tomorrow if your happy too? Thank you.

  • Hi

    Just contact me via private message. Won't be home till mid afternoon. Take care.

  • Sorry to be ignorant but what is Holo test? Thanks so much, wishing your son all the best.


  • Hello Tea123, your not ignorant for asking the question, it's more than my GP's are doing. so well done!

    Holo Tc is a blood test whereby it measures the Active B12 in the blood, as we have two types of B12 active an inactive - it's a special test that is done and sent to a specific hospital, my GP thinks it may have gone to Guys hospital in London, but he couldn't even be bothered to check that information out yesterday. My son had it done 3 wks ago and still waiting on result. The GP had a conversation with Haematologist after I insisted he have this test!

  • Thank u for that, I didn't know we had two! Wishing u both all the best. Have a lovely day!

    Tea123 😉

  • " I haven't had a reply from practice manager after 4 letters,"

    Have you contacted PAS again to see if they have any more advice about what to do?

    PAS tel no +44 (0)1656 769 717

    Can your MP help?

    Unhappy with response?

    Accessing health records UK

  • I think you have to pay for your medicalrecords.

  • Yes one has to pay: l paid £50 for the full set last year.

  • Hi JGBH, what was reason you requested your medical records? If you don't mind me asking.

    I've spoken to receptionist and was advised that depending on how far I want to go back with records will depend on cost - I need 6 yrs for myself and 4 for my son. Hope it doesn't cost too much.

  • I was getting absolutely fed up with the lack of help from GP while my health was deteriorating and realised that nothing would happen unless I took it upon myself to make things move. Wanted to see what had been noted about my health issues.

    It is also a legal right for patients to see and keep their records if they choose to do so. GPs don't like it as any derogatory remarks they may have written about a patient will then be seen by patient on getting notes. A friend who is a nurse told me once that she was quite appalled by the way some doctors derided their patients... she called it "the GPs' God complex"... It made me laugh... but it is rather sad.

    As I wanted the complete set (going back a few decades) it cost me £50. If you want copies going back to a few years only it should be rather less. Did you not ask the receptionist how much it would cost? If she did not know just ask her to find out and come back to you with the answer. It takes quite a little while for the records to be prepared.

    You can also access your records online (but believe it is more limited). To do so you will need to register with your surgery to access your records. It takes quite a few days after registration before you are able to access them online.

    Will delete my "long rant" written last night... When I read how frustrated you felt and upset of course, my full sympathy went out to you as I could feel how desperate you are getting regarding getting help for your son, having felt utter despair myself for so long... knocking my head against a brick wall for such a long time.

    Hope this has been helpful. Please remember to try and remain calm at all times when making requests and speaking to GP: it is always easier to get what you would like by moderating your tone.. and the way you say things, but do say things and back your argument by using references from various guideline bodies... I totally understand how easy it is to get over emotional when one is desperate to get help from a GP.

    Wishing you and your son much good luck.

  • Ask to speak to the doctors secretary. Good luck

  • Hi Catherine, the surgery has a army of receptionist and one practice manager whom obviously doesn't like responding to letters Addressed to her. To be honest as it's a partnership surgery they will all close ranks!

  • I'm a doctor receptionist i I've got a few days off but back in work Friday I'll let you know. It depends on how many pages there are per set of records, but if you want the full set there is a flat rate and charges went up last month.

  • Update: Son just called for result of Holo Tc test, he was told it was satisfactory. Waiting for another referral apt to come from Gastro at hospital. Any ideas from all you lovely people would be wonderful as I'm at a loss now. TIA.

  • SarahFerguson - you may want to start a new post as an update - generally people don't go back to old posts after a few days unless there is something to specifically alert them, eg a reply to a response they have given, or being mentioned.

    The holoT test is better than the serum B12 test in that it is looking at the amount of B12 that is bound to the right proteins to be accessible to cells but it's still not a full guide to what is going on at the cell level.

    Did your son have any other deficiencies? eg iron or folate? Has he been tested for thyroid and was that okay - another case as I understand it where going just by the results alone is problematic because an incomplete set of markers tends to be looked at.

  • Hi gambit62, my sons levels are all bottom end of reference range but not classed anaemia (yet) his b12 serum was 174 ref 180-800 ) I've actually spoken to Martin Hoopers this afternoon and am now ready for next GP appt on 10th April. He's got symptoms - sighs, fatigue, re-current mouth ulcers, Gastritis, family history: grandfather and mother with PA.... Martin was very helpful but I still have my doubts as to GP taking any notice .

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