Hooray, whoopie, OMG - I did it, I am now a member of the self inject club, I can't thank you all enough for all the adv. the only thing I found difficult was drawing b12 from ampule. I was all fingers and thumbs and had issues with air in syringe. I used an ampule snapper, but it seemed that the needle wasn't long enough to draw up all the B12. When I tipped up snapper I wedged needle in as far as I could but some b12 dribbled out of ampule. Any help would be helpful for next time.

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  • Fantastic SarahFerguson and well done!

  • providing you have snapped the ampoule correctly you should actually beable to invert it completely without the B12 falling out (brought to you by the miracle of surface tension) and then fill the needle that way.

  • Hi Gambit62 I have a snapper and it snapped the ampule very well, I was scared to invert as I thought I would lose the B12. I know now, so next time I will invert. Thank you. Still learning!

  • it took me a while to figure out that I wasn't going to lose the B12 if I inverted and I've a background in physics :)

    I usually find it easier to only partially rather than fully invert.

  • Ok, I'll give it a go - doing next jab on Monday (giving myself a good boost) then I'm planning on si every 4 weeks.

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