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Iron deficiency help

I'm 16 and was told i had low iron in november, my levels were 15! I'm on the second type of iron tablets as the first didn't seem to be working, and i still don't feel any different on the second type and it'/ really having an effect on my school work concentration wise, what will happen if my blood test results show that the second type of medication hasn't worked either?

Update: just had a telephone appointment with my GP and my iron levels have gone down to a 10 but i havea full blood count and he wants to see me asap

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Hi Georgia1513 Did you doctor not give you any explanation why you are Iron deficient?

I am not a medically trained person but what sort of diet are you on? Do you eat?

Red meat, pork and poultry.



Dark green leafy vegetables, such as spinach.

Dried fruit, such as raisins and apricots.

Iron-fortified cereals, breads and pastas.


all of which are rich in iron.

Do you have heavy periods?

If your two types of iron tablets are not effective it may be that your doctor will suggest you having an "iron infusion" whereby it is injected into your bloodstream. I remember having this done to me way back in the early 1970s and I'm still "clivealive" at 75.

Oh and you could ask your doctor whether you should be supplementing with folic acid as this works with the iron.

I really do hope you start to feel better soon but come back if you have any more questions as there ar lots of people on here who will be able to give you good advice.

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The cause is heavy periods yes, but they think there could be something else underlying as my tiredness and lack of concentration seems to be getting worse. i have a good diet and eat all of what is listed above

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ironically heavy periods can be a symptom of iron based anaemia - so it's a situation that can really get out of hand very quickly. Would suggest that you speak to your GP about a referal to a specialist.

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Hi Georgia, i would advice getting copies of all of your blood results and you can then see what is happening to with your iron levels. Do you know whether you were tested for folate and B12 levels too? Low folate and low B12 sometimes run alongside iron deficiency and doctors often dont consider these especially for females with heavy periods. I had very low iron and folate and was accidently tested for B12 when the nurse added it to full blood count, iron and folate levels check. I am B12 deficient and my daughter has just been checked too as she is totally exhausted. I am now fighting to have her treated. Suggest you check out www, and make sure you get checked. I suggest you read the info on the site as many doctors arent testing and if they do test they are stating that you are in normal range when you are low. Too much to write about on here but please check it out and consider it. It took me 12 years to be treated because they considered me within normal range. I am now fighting for my daughter who is 3 nanograms off the so called normal range and she is only managing to get into sixth form 2 mornings a week, the rest of the time she is too shattered to even get out of bed. I am not trying to scare you but trying to guide you to get checked and dont take "normal" as fine. You will understand this message more when you check out the page. Also check out PAS (Pernicious Anaemia Society) and facebook Pernicoius Anaemia and B12 support group, read and consider please.


Getting tested for low b12 and folate tomorrow


My daughter who is 14 is going through this at the moment. She eventually went for a pelvic ultrasound scan (like pregnant women have). Nothing was found, as at this young age they won't do invasive procedures, such as inserting the probe inside you, as they would with older women. One option is to use the contraceptive pill, even though you may not be sexually active, it is used to lighten periods.

I know it's not much fun especially when you end up iron deficient, having had heavy periods myself, but they may get better as you get older. They may do a MRI scan, which is nothing to worry about. They could look for endometriosis or fibroids which can be treated. Young girls can unfortunately suffer from them too, but try not to worry your GP will know what is best. X


Having more test done tomorrow, haemoglobin is normal but iron is 10, both medications aren't working, goinng to ask about infusions tomorrow and hopefully find out if it is b12 that's causing all of this! Will let you all know

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