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Hi ive had problems with thyroid for years,ist overactive now underactive,last year iron was detected low,then vitamin d,now folic acid,I feel awful and especially through menstrual period,dizziness headaches,weakness etc.i think my doctor has wrote me off as he diagnosed me with fibromylia and I feel like is an easy answer to when my body goes through these eflucuations that its easy to say fibro flare rather than well yr bloods have changed from 6months iron still below borderline and im on medication surely he should up my dose?feeling annoyed as my diet pretty good at the min plenty of greens meat,etc is it my thyroid??? Not allowing my bodie to absorb properly. Ive also ordered b12 as in most cases I read people who were borderline on this had still sighs of deficiencys,surely cant do anyharm???willing to try anything. Any advice welcomed thankyou 😀

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if you think you may be B12 deficient it is best not to supplement until you have a diagnosis or have exhausted all the possibilities of getting one as testing for B12 deficiency relies upon markers that that will be skewed if you have supplement.

One key element of diagnosing B12 deficiency is symptoms but these overlap with a lot of other conditions and deficiencies and you seem to have a number of them. Have you discussed the deficiencies with your GP at all. Sometimes it can help to put things in writing before you visit, and may be take a friend with you to help.

Maga1 in reply to Gambit62

All my results are border line thats what make me think im getting the symptoms though doctor doesnt seem to react until really low,same happened with my thyroid it declined over the years from overactive and wasnt reacted upon until damage was done I was a 40yr old manoeuvring like an 90yrs old.thanks for advice

Gambit62Administrator in reply to Maga1

are you in a position to write to your GP using information from the pinned posts - especially the guidelines and the need to evaluate symptoms when evaluating B12 results

If possible obtain copies of your thyroid results with ranges. It sounds as if you need a dose increase or some T3 added if you take only T4/Levo.

Fibro is so often linked to Low T3 - as I know from experience.

B12 - Ferritin - Folate - VitD - all need to be OPTIMAL in their ranges when Hypo as absorption is impaired ....

Maga1 in reply to Marz

Thanks il try and get my results next time thanks

Marz in reply to Maga1

Will look out for them. ☺

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