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SI Update

Hi all, an update on self injecting--

Posted before on my abortive attempts to get our various doctors to test or trial before trying self injecting in December. My husbands severe neuropathy (feet) is much improved--pain completely gone, but still numb. His mood is unbelievably better. Diagnosed with pretty significant ptsd. Now cheerful, joking again, going out into crowds (movies!), not reacting to noise, helping the grandkids with homework-- just such an improvement! Up and doing chores, helping around the house. Lost some weight. Finally got him prescribed hydroxycobalamin--injecting 1000 mcg every other day. Have continued my research and finding other vets exposed to dioxins with the same symptoms. So adding toxins to his complement of genetic errors as possible causes, not that I have any hope of convincing his doctors. Maybe if his labs improve they'll start listening.

The numbness and tingling in my feet is completely gone tho my hand is still bothering me. The cold in my hands and feet is gone, in fact I can't wear socks to bed anymore--too warm! When I got the loading shots in the hospital--hydroxycobalamin--I had a much bigger response than I'm having with the cyanocobalamin I'm getting from Canada, but have ordered from versandpo so hopeful about attacking the rest of my symptoms.

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So glad things are improving for you and your husband.


Wow! Fantastic! As you keep going I hope you will have at least the success I have had from treatment. For a while after I started SI I found the supporting supplements as important as the B12 so I hope you can get the right balance of these to continue the improvement.

Just raised a bit of a thought... are you a vet or involved with animals too? I'm B12d (with a likely genetic link) and my (now ex but still close friend) husband has B12d symptoms that go with supplementation and return if he doesn't take it and we have both worked with livestock for decades. I've known of others who are similar too and have wondered if it isn't just coincidence. Curious/interesting.

Thank you for your encouraging post!


Thanks. The best encouragement is knowing others improve. Not a vet, but have kept chickens for many years, sometimes ducks, geese, peafowl, the usual dogs and cats. My neighbor is pa and keeps horses--think she's down to three currently. Do you think there's a link?

We have a lot of genetic errors, too, but also exposure to toxins, chemo, occasional gi issues so could be caused by any or a combination of these. Doesn't matter that much--doctors tend to become defensive if you overwhelm them with too much info and shutdown.

Good to hear you're getting relief.

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