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Well that was a result!!

My b12 result a few weeks ago was 127

I went to the gp today and he told me I need to start loading doses asap!

I went in with a list of symptoms in my head ready to beg for injections and arguments as to why injections would be better than tablets, I was gobsmacked!

Only problem was he threw me so much by being lovely that I forgot to ask about my Folate level which is 2.1

It does say on the notes "Low folate - intervention required"

So anyway I popped to the chemist and bought some folic acid and explained it to him, he said to mention it to the nurse on Wed when I get my first jab but he thinks I'll need the higher prescription only dosage which would be about 15 of the tablets I've bought. He didn't recommend taking that dose till I'd spoken to the nurse/doctor but said taking one a day won't hurt.

So all in all a good gp visit :-)

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So nice to hear something positive for a change but disappointing he did not pick up on the folate.

How is your ferritin?


Ferritin was 30.3

So I think that's a bit on the low side but not low like my b12 or Folate.


Really important not to add folic acid until you've started the injections and your body gets saturated with b12.


Oh right, I didn't know that, I thought I should be taking them now to get my level up a bit before I started my injections?


Hi rachel35a. No...don't take any folate until 24 - 48 hours after you start injections.

Taking folate whilst low or deficient in B12 without raising B12 first can cause potentially irreversible neurological damage.



Well I'm glad I only got the the weak over the counter tablets. I took one yesterday early evening before I read this, that won't hurt will it?

My first injection is tomorrow morning.


Hi Rachel35a. Don't's only low dose...just don't take anymore u till after your second injections (loading doses should be every other days).

And you could probably benefit from high dose supplement (5mg daily - until your levels reach the top third of the reference range).

Hope your GP has you on the right regime following your loading doses? Really important if you have neurological symtpoms (after loading, you should have every other day until no further improvement.

If no neurological symtpoms it's every three months - though that's not enough for some people - but that's another story.

Good luck with the jabs...hope you begin to feel better again if you need anymore help and support.

P.s. If you're seeing the doctor or nurse and you haven't had your ferritin and vitamin D levels tested, might be a good idea to ask. People with B12 deficency often have low levels and it can make you feel very ill indeed.

Good luck 👍


I've never had vit d tested. Ferritin was 30.3

I've been booked in for 6 loading doses, Wednesday, Friday, Monday then same again.

The doc just told me I need b12 injections and said to see the receptionist to book in. She said it's the 6 loading doses then every 12 weeks after.


Ah ha...that's okay - unless you have neurological symptoms - then you need B12 more often. Your GP and nurse may not know this so come back if you need more information.

Your ferritin level is low (though your GP will probably say it's okay - it's not).

It needs to be at least 80 (100 - 120 would be better) for optimum benefit (To get the best out of your jabs).

And a low ferritin can make you feel very ill - breathless, weak, dizzy...all those lovely sorts of things 😖.

Worth asking for vitamin D - again, can make you feel very ill if levels are low.



I took a multivitamin spray containing folic acid for five weeks back in May/June last year and didn't know I had low b12.

I'm pretty sure I'm paying the price now sadly. It's possibly also reduced the chance of my b12 being recognised when my neurological symptoms presented in July/August as it would of being working on my blood to bring my counts down so the Gp missed the b12.

I'm still struggling with only oral b12 and my clock is ticking.

Good luck


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