Food poisoning. Just a coincidence?

Hello, I've made a couple posts on here before about my shots. I only mentioned once that my symptoms began when I got food poisoning. I had some anxiety from time to time, and when I would have an anxiety attack my right eye would really bother me. This was prior to the food poisoning. A couple days after is when my symptoms really began. I had uncontrollable anxiety. I would find myself looking up all sorts of cancers to explain my symptoms almost as if on instinct. However, when I got food poisoning, it wasn't from fish. I ate Chinese food that night, and was vomiting for a couple days after. The first symptoms weren't so bad. Just constipation and this strange feeling of there being something behind my eye. It slowly progressed over the next couple of weeks. I woke up one morning and suddenly my left arm and leg were really bothering me. What sent me to the doctor for the first time was this really intense neck pain. The doctor gave me some antibiotics, and put me on a diet of nutritional shakes and jello, after this I was placed on a nerve pain medication for the next few months and until my stomach started to hurt I wasn't experiencing anything debilitating other than the lack of concentration. My question is, does anyone think this could be the issue? I've read up on a couple of instances of fish tapeworm causing people's symptoms but it seems even rarer to find than someone my age (20) even having pernicious anemia.

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  • If I was a betting man I'd say antibiotics wouldn't of done any favours.

    I got ill in 2008 and had a lot of antibiotics. It could be a coincidence but I've never been right since that fateful week.

    I even became paralised below the neck briefly after finishing them.

    I've never known if it was the post virus/infection or the antibiotics.

    They then said I had post viral fatigue despite giving me lots of antibiotics.

    I'd been unblocking drains before I got ill so they just filled me full of antibiotics.

  • Lakme. Have you been tested for Helibactor Pylori (a gastric bacteria infection). People with PA or B12 deficency are often found to have this....and it cause problems with the absorption of B12 (amongst other things).

    Acute on chronic episode can result in violent gastric symtpoms that mimic food poisoning.

    I had this and initially thought I'd got food poisoning...and lost 2 stone in two weeks...yuk...TMI.

    Might be worth asking your GP to do a breath test, just in case.


  • I didn't think I got food poisoning, I know I did. The food tasted strange but I thought nothing of it at the time. The next morning I could feel I was going to throw up and I did for a couple of days. I lost some weight too. I normally weigh around 145 pounds (10 stones) but I dropped 10-15 pounds (0.7 stones) and gained it back when I was on my antidepressant, elavil. As soon as I went off I dropped 10-11 pounds again and I believe I've been around that area ever since. I just got my first 2 shots in the past couple weeks and not much has actually changed. My symptoms seem to come back a couple days afterwards. I have to take multivitamins just to keep them at bay.

  • Still a good idea to have HP test...very common in B12 deficients.

    Just wondering if you're on the right B12 regime. If you have neurological symptoms you should be having every other day injections until no further improvement.

    Your symptoms may be returning because you're not having enough B12.

    Link to treatment regimes:


  • PA hasn't been confirmed yet. I already had a blood test 2 months ago which showed nothing suspicious. My RBC was in the normal range. I actually figured out what it was through a stroke of luck. As soon as I did, I ran to the store and snatched some multivitamins. I took 2 that night and the swelling in my abdomen went receded. It was what I had originally gone to the doctor for. I developed some stomach pain back in September that didn't go away for a couple of months. This is going to sound strange but my doctor prescribed me a new antidepressant and the pain went away, along with some of the swelling. Whenever I took them, by bowel movements returned to normal. The only downside was, whenever I took them my arm and leg felt like they were really swollen for some reason, but all of my other symptoms were pretty much resolved. I had a bad reaction to the medication a couple times, what seemed like serotonin syndrome, so I dropped it and kept taking multivitamins since then. I don't feel like a million bucks but the unbearable anxiety is gone. My GP is really nice and understanding, but she's in her 70s as well so I don't even think she remembers that she suggested I may have PA. I'm going back soon to get another injection so I'll talk more with her about whatever's going on.

  • I eventually found out I had hpylori after being found to be b12 deficient. I had to ask for the test,it wasn't offered. I can now pinpoint exactly where I got this. It was the evening before my daughter's wedding. I had ordered soup & sandwiches Just before going to bed early. One of them tasted funny (can't remember which now) so I left it after eating some. During the night I wakened with severe stomach cramps. I managed to get a little sleep and had a light breakfast of yoghurt & fruit. I barely made it to the toilet. When I went to put my outfit on it was tight & I was so bloated I was miserable. I still hate my photos of that day. I had been dieting and my dress had been slightly loose before that night. It took me 5 years to figure this out....If only we could turn back the clock 😓

  • I had confirmed hpylori infection in 2012. That coincides with my first low b12 blood test too.

    They treated it with antibiotics but never retested it.

    My pain/symptoms returned about a year later but that time I self treat with mastic gum and it cleared up nicely.

    Last year I did a private hypylori antigen test but it was negative.

    They now call hpylori an alchemising bacteria because it changes tissue DNA. It literally reprograms the stomach to be less acidic. Acid of course is needed to digest food and to prepare the b12 for absorption.

  • HI ...I was diagnosed With PA and coeliac disease 12 years ago. My symptoms started when I was on holiday in Crete when I had Crypto Sporidium ( this is a water borne virus found in contaminated water and sometimes found on fish farms). My gastro at the time said coeliac disease could be activated by a virus so I suppose the same could apply to other autimmune diseases. Funnily enough I have never been able to eat farmed fish since makes me violently ill. So much we don t Know about autoimmune things.

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