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I bought 20 ampoules of hydroxo online and it has a use by date of 2019 on. Next time I'm thinking of getting 100 to save on the postage. I'm injecting about every two weeks, so at that rate, they would probably go over the date before I'd finished using them. Silly question maybe, but if I carried on using them past the date, would the quality be affected? Has anyone used them after the date on the pack and still been OK? Or would it be better to buy less but more often and just stump up the postage.

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  • Hi Topazrat.

    It's not advisable to use any medication or injectable drug past the expiry date.

    The expiry date is the date beyond which the manufacturer cannot guarantee either the quality or efficacy of the medication/injectable drug.

    The excipients (the things the manufacture includes to preserve and 'carry' the contents) have a definite point beyond which their action can no longer be considered 'safe' and effective, hence the expiry date.

    Sorry, it's probably not what you want to hear but It's advisable to dispose of any medications/injectable drug that has gone past its expiry date 😖.


  • Thanks for that. So in the long run, if I'm discarding what's gone over the date, I'll still end up paying about the same. Buying 5 packs of 10 works out about the same price as buying a box of a hundred. I just hate having to pay twice the price, but it will be false economy in the end if I'm chucking it away.

  • Is there someone in your area who could share the box of 100? Worth putting it out there....

  • That's a good idea! I don't know to be honest, but I could always find out :)

  • You could query on the various forums if anyone lives in your town, city or general area..

  • I did this with a girl on face book, she bought them and we paid her by PayPal , worked really well 👍

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