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Hi not been on here for ages. I tried injections but felt worse in my mood and dizzy and feeling sick

So im tryingvto follow mfthr protocol have done hair mineral test

But i feel really ill i have ache in my calf mucle

My feet ache my legs ache, j feel very sick and weak and sore. Belly which is very swollen and constipated. I went to gp but they just said under specialist and wont do anytging said just general practictiiner but i dont see specialist havent for a year.

I just keep being told to do no carb diet and see a nutritionist to get help and sort out mfthr!! I have no money ...

But whats worrying me is how i feel my skin feel very sensitive too x

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Are you vit D deficient?


Got such sore belly and feel sick too

It was very low last time i tested yes.

I was prescribed vit d but dont think it helped much can u recomend one?



So sorry to hear that you feel so bad.🤕I use a sublingual D since my body won't absorb a pill I take by mouth and that has to go through the stomach.

I am in the US and get it from my naturopath, but I'm sure that vitamin sites and/or Amazon would have a sublingual D.

I had stomach problems but when I gave up gluten, I started getting better.

I also take a good probiotic every night.

Are you on B12? How often and what type?

Keep posting and hopefully with other people weighing in, too, we can help sort your problem so you feel better! ☺

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