Fatigue from a mild cold?

I'm wondering if anyone else here gets devastating fatigue from a simple cold. I have mild sniffles and a sore throat, but the fatigue is like I have pneumonia or the flu. Just had two shots last week, take 2000k/day sublingual, so I shouldn't be low on B12. But I find my body seems to completely overreact to the mildest infection and throw me into bed too weak to even hold a book up to read.

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  • Yes, but only when deficient, I think. Last time I had a cold, it was either before starting B12 injections or just at the beginning, it totally wiped me out (as they have been doing the last years). I'm sure it wasn't the flu, no muscle aches etc, but I was just super tiiiiired.

    I"ve been doing daily injections now for over 2 months and really starting to heal. Funny enough I got a cold a couple of days ago. Lots of sniffles, but amazingly enough I've been able to work full 8 hours days and do stuff at home, and I feel mostly fine energy-wise. I used to wonder HOW in the world people could function normally when they had a cold... now I know - they don't have B12 deficiency LOL!!

    I also take Vit D regularly and more when sick - together with zinc and vit C. I think those help a bit too.

    Hope you get well soon!

  • Wow: great reply - and I totally agree!

    I can only add make sure you get enough of the supporting supplements, (a broad spectrum multivitamin and mineral supplement plus extra folate, potassium and magnesium, maybe iron) that are required to make the extra B12 work too!

  • Yep, I get totally wiped out too. Everyone else goes to work and carries on, I just sit on the sofa feeling awful! High temperature, muscle aches, headache, the works. I've only been on jabs a few months though and haven't had a cold since I started, so don't know if it would be any different now - not that I'm in any hurry to find out!

  • B12 is used by the immune system and a lot of the symptoms we associate with being unwell are actually down to the immune system doing its job and trying to kill of he infection - so quite possible that the immune system is currently in overdrive.

    I hadn't had a runny cold for years and then I had the worst runny cold ever when I started treating myself with the levels of B12 I needed.

  • Do you supplement with Vitamin C? I accidentally found that when I was taking 4000mcg a day and B6 I beat the cold and started to feel wonderful. Just a thought.

  • Thank you all for your feedback. I'm supplementing with folic acid, iron, calcium, vit D, coQ10, fish oil. Magnesium only if I have insomnia. Probably time to start a multi again as well just to be safe. I eat a pretty healthy diet.

    I think I'm resisting the idea that I need a shot as frequently as I do...but I think going to at least a once per week schedule for a while is at the very least a worthwhile experiment.

    I've mentioned on these boards before, I also appear to have "persistent cancer related fatigue" from breast cancer treatment, 5 years ago now, but treatment ended 5 months before I was diagnosed with PA, so hard to tell which causes what. Doctors are not 100% sure why some people (a LOT of us, apparently) have symptoms years after treatment. Could be an immune system connection, or HPA axis, or chronic inflammation, or autonomic nervous system dysfunction. I'm cancer-free but the treatment aged me 10 years. I've slowly improved over the years -- went almost 3 months without a bout of fatigue this fall (and I was only getting my shot monthly, for the most part), whereas for the first 3 years it was pretty much a daily battle. The only remedy recommended is exercise...which often seems to make it worse instead of better, probably because I'm depleting my B12 when I exercise!

    Instead of a daily battle, now it's like my body overreacts to the slightest thing: a mild cold, a late night, travel, a change in routine. And it may not last a day, but drag on for weeks until I crawl out of the hole. Not sure what triggered this latest bout...we had fairly stress-free holidays but it did kick in on Christmas Eve.

    I want to look for a job this year (I've been self-employed the last 12) but I'm nervous I won't be able to hold a job with my energy levels so unpredictable.

  • @cdragin Perhaps you have allergies rather than a cold ?

  • No, definitely not. I used to have terrible allergies so I know exactly what they feel like and what triggers them. Went through 5 years of desensitization injections and now they only bother me in April/May.

  • Yes I can totally relate! I feel awful that a simple cold knocks me for 6 & every inch of me aches & I can't move from under a blanket on the sofa for days ..just getting this one that started Christmas Eve!

    I not getting proper treatment though as my GP is cross with the Rheumatologist she referred to me for lupus, he said I didn't have lupus so signed me off but tested B12 (I'm already hypo) & on results told me to go get 2 weeks worth every other day Injections from GP..she reluctantly gave me them & now won't give any more until he writes! I've started a thread on it for advise from here.

  • I feel more tired today,I've had a cold for a while which I can't seem to shift.I've had the flu jab too.

  • I am always totally wiped out by any illness, it's as though my body hasn't any strength to fight the germs. I take VitC when I think I'm starting a cold, and recently have tried a black elderberry supplement. That seems to have helped me more.

  • I was going to suggest adding CO Q 10 as over 50 the body slows down on making it and it is an energy booster. But you take it. One thing no one mentions is garlic and this being natures own antibiotic - I have taken it daily before adding the other supplements in my job which for last 30+ years read estate so visiting homes with sick people etc - daily multi vitamin , Vitamin C and garlic pills and haven't had a cold in years. So maybe add garlic - try for ones with peppermint added so if it comes back - nicer taste.

  • Know exactly how you feel experiencing this right now

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