Inject daily? Feel down today

Hi guys

Hope u all had a great xmas and new year.

All is good but I'm feeling moody tired and just want to sleep.

I'm interested to know is it actually ok to inject everyday? My level was 162 and I've been self injecting every other day since 19th November and although I feel brighter I'm really not feeling as well as I hoped. Should I try everyday ? I take folic acid, I'm also feeling my thyroid my need attention as I feel a bit tearful and foggy. It's so hard when symptoms overlap , I had raised antibodies which indicate hashis. So I could be hypothyroid slightly.

Having a down day and feel nothing is working

Thanks in advance :)

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  • You could inject daily is you need loading doses. You can't overdose on B12. Whatever your body doesn't use gets urinated out. How are your other vitamin and mineral levels needed to metabolize b12?

  • Well my ferritin is 63?:/ my vitamin d is fine and my folate is fine too. I'm wondering if I need an iron top up... I tried ferrous sulphate but it gave me migraine and constipation.

  • From what I know, Vit C, Potassium, and Magnesium play a role as well. Try FlowFE. It's a little easier on the belly and might not cause the headaches. Taking Vit C with the iron is a good idea as well. If you take the iron with a ton of water and stool softeners, it helps!

  • Thank u that helps a lot :)

  • I take magnesium at bedtime and I'm trying to keep up potassium rich foods..

  • I'm prescribed Iron Ferrous Fumerate 210mg every day - have been for years without any side effects

  • I'm sorry to hear you are feeling down. This does happen with me from time to time and I find a good quality B Complex and a little B6 helps me a lot. The silly season is sent to try us! Take care.

  • B6 hey this is new to me? Which one do u take ?

  • When I first started self injecting last year, I had to have daily injections otherwise I felt like my brain was wrapped in cotton wool again. With that level of intake, you really need to make sure you keep your folate and iron levels midrange and take a good B complex to keep the other B vitamins in balance. I personally find that Spatone helps me keep my levels up - I take 1-2 sachets in fresh orange juice as the vitamin C helps absorption. I do realise that everyone is different and Spatone doesn't work for everyone but it may be worth a try. I had to keep daily injections up for probably 3 months before I was able to ease off and now I can manage with one a week. Still not ideal but I'm getting there slowly.

    Magnesium has been a key help for me as well. Hope this helps

  • Thank u so much hunny59 , I was considering buying a b6 suppliment , and yourself and BethattheBeach have both suggested a b complex , can you recommend one.? What was your B12 levels and symptoms? Spatone , ok I'll go for that, it's been mentioned before. 👍

    Which B12 do u use? I use Hydro from Germany

    Thanks again 😊

  • I see u have UA too. My t4 is low at the moment, it was 20 it's now 11. I take selenium and magnesium , my antibodies are raised at 77. I was taking t3 until July but I was going dizzy, now realise that was B12. Any thoughts?

  • I'm using hydro from Germany too :) I was using Pure Encapsulations B Complex as it's got far less crap in it than most but it's rather expensive. I've gone over to Vitabiotics in the last week (for the simple reason that I needed to save some money and had other supplements to get too!). B12 really does need good levels of folate and iron to be able to work properly. Since getting my vitamin and mineral levels up, I've found that I need less thyroid medication and my antibodies are finally falling although that may be coincidence!

  • Ok great, think I'll by some spatone then and a good b complex , I take selenium and magnesium already. Might try injecting everyday for 1 month. Do u ask the dr to test thyroid B12 folate and iron or do u pay? I've used blue horizon but it could get quite expensive 😬 I'd like to see my B12 up where yours is for my thyroid alone. It does frustrate me how little the Drs know about B12 and hashis . I'm used to researching now 😊

  • I pay for the testing with Blue Horizon myself. My GP did the same as a lot of ones mentioned on here and refused to believe I had any issues at all, didn't accept the BH results and basically tried to tell me it was all in my head and I was just stressed. Yeah. thanks mate. My B12 has been over the BH reference range for over a year now :)

    And yes, this forum is brilliant for help and advice - I really don't know where I'd be without it. Probably sleeping 20 hours a day with a diagnosis of recurring Chronic Fatigue again!

  • hunny59, I'm interested to hear how you managed to ease off the frequency of your injections. Was it just finding the balance of all your supplements? I'm sc IM twice a week and would love to get back to the initial 10 day cycle. I've just added Vit C after finding it worked very well with my B12d symptoms when I was taking it for a cold!

  • Hi BethattheBeach - I ended up seeing a private doctor at the beginning of last year to try and help me get a handle on everything (I originally went to see him to try and get a B12 infusion). It certainly wasn't cheap but I feel it was money very well spent. He put me on a course of probiotics, liposomal glutathione and a couple of vitamin and mineral IV infusions which I'm pretty sure helped to jumpstart my recovery. I had the last one in March and it's been gradually uphill from there. Nowadays I take Vitamin D3 with K2, Magnesium, a B Complex and Spatone. It was almost accidental that I discovered I didn't need the injections so frequently and am trying out longer gaps between injections to see how long I can go before needing a top up. Hope this helps :)

  • Thanks, hunny59, it is interesting information and every little bit helps. I'll think it over and see if there is anything I can tweak. This disease is a complicated beast, isn't it? It makes me realise just how complex our bodies are, too.

    Have a happy and very healthy New Year!

  • Oh yeah, it's an absolute minefield. There's no "one size fits all" solution for any of this - we all have to try and find our own magic bullet. Good luck with your search and tweaking :)

  • Morning, Ndobins. I'm sitting on a subtropical island between Australia and New Zealand so our time differences mean my replies will be out of sync! (just so you know I'll be late!!). I see a Functional GP in Australia who has prescribed the B6 as well as many other supplements. The B Complex I use is a Blackmores Executive Stress product. This is an Australian brand so not sure if it is available in the UK. The advice from hunny59 sounds good. I also benefit from vitamin C so I agree with hunny59 on that one too.

    I find that stress undoes all my good work in such a short time. When stress happens the Dr says that the gut goes leaky and can cause lots of uncomfortable symptoms. (My interpretation of his explanation!) So it takes me a long time to get back up on top. I'm turning 63 this year and have only known about this for 20 months so I suspect I have suffered some long term damage.

    Have you considered a gluten free diet? I am keen to promote stomach health so I stick to a GF diet religiously. I have also found that I am best with dairy free , except for butter which Dr says is almost 100% fat so does not have the casein which is a troublemaker for me.

    Best wishes for a New Year filled with good health.

  • Ohhhh lucky lucky thing. Sigh !!!!!

    Happy new year!

    So b complex and spatone and b6 is on the list !

    I tried gluten free and just didn't get on with it, I'm not veggie but I only eat fish.. and it made me constipated 🙊

    I've just been looking into cortisol testing... my results were normal on this but I really suffer with stress.. and I was wondering if pregnenolone would help?? Any thoughts?


  • Yes, the little lagoon is stunning with the most southern coral in Australia. Google Emily Bay, Norfolk Island - my Mum in law lives here so we come every summer.

    Now, I really have no idea about your testing questions. I have been lucky to find some great medical advice so I rely on them. They had me on an elimination diet and I found I was having a reaction to cane sugar so I'm trying to kick that habit. Hopeless over Christmas but I'm back on track now and feel better for it.

    Stress is a biggie with me, too. I even stress when I'm on island for longer than a month! (I feel like I can never be happy!) I think you will find the B supplements a big help. My Functional GP is suspecting pyroles . Stress makes it worse and the treatment is Vit C and B complex so I think he is onto something.

    Only thing I could advise is to try everything in as scientific manner as possible so you can work out your deficiencies, etc.

    Take care.

  • Thank u. I will look into that.

    Enjoy the day ☀️🌤

    And relax x

  • I have also just remembered to mention that my F GP also prescribed SAMe 400 which contains S-Adenosyl-methionine, Cyno', Riboflavin, Zinc, Folic acid and B6. This was very good in helping to settle my moods/anxiety. I take 4 capsules a day. It is available from Health Food stores over here but they need a prescription from a GP or naturopath..... just in case this helps.

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