Get up and just do it !!

I've just realised I always leave injecting until I can hardly function and am staggering all over the place. I always get into a kerfuffle as I am so exhausted & fuggy before I do it. Anyway, did an injection 2days ago,which wasn't enough,so I knew I would need to get topped up pretty fast as I had let myself get so depleted. I didn't know running about for Christmas could use up your b12' I just thought I was a bit of a sap who just can't cope with it all. To cut a long story short, I had a good sleep last night and wakened very early. My mind was much clearer so I decided to get up and prepare a shot ready to do later. I didn't know you could do this until someone said on here. What a difference it makes for me. It takes the nervousness out of it for me. I went and had a cuppa, relaxed and went for it IN MY OTHER LEG which I've been too scared to do as I have a couple of big veins running just under the skin on that leg, leaving me a small area to inject in. I just went for it & hey presto,managed to get an area I know I can use now. I really needed to do this as I've decided I am going to inject every week now. I've just ordered more supplies from Versande. No more trying to wait until my monthly injection from the doctor. I need to get a life and I'm on my way now to getting it....decision made :)!

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  • Good for you Peggylally66,

    May 2017 be Healthy & full of Peace for you & yours.

    J 👍🍀

  • Jose651 Thank you, and may I wish the same for you and yours

  • Good for you ! I'm pleased for you ! All the best for 2017!

  • wedgewood all the best for 2017

  • A joy to read such an upbeat post Peggylally66.

  • Awe thank you HonorElizabeth

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