A bit concerned!

wondering what could be going on iv startwed SI on alternative days had my eleventh yesterday i do subcut with a 16mm needle into my left thigh take all the correct cofactors and i havent noticed a difference i dont feel any better or worse as iv heard your meant to feel worse before you get better. its starting to worry me that nothing seems to be happening. like i havent injected at all is it possible thaf i could be injecting wrong?

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  • Hi blondie2505 I'm not a medically qualified person but I think it is better to inject into a muscle rather than just under the skin. The other thing is do you know what your Folate level is as this is essential to process the B12.

    I hope someone on here will be able to give you good hints and advice and I wish you well.

  • No idea.. i think im goiing to have to try IM. I have been taking 5mg daily tho

  • blonide2505 - Sorry to say I am the same and on #45 SI no better and no worse - dispiriting to say the least - I have read that some symptoms just don't improve. But we do need the B12 to stop it getting worse.

  • Took me several months to realize the full effect. Look for little "tells" --better nails, absence of aches--then one day I realized I was chasing my grandkids up the stairs, grounded in my body, sure footed. Amazing. Lasted about six months, then plummeted down. Drs decided I didn't really need anymore after the week of loading. After a year of worsening numbness/tingling in hands and feet started si. Stick with it (pun, sorry).

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