Good GP for PA treatment in Edinburgh

Hello all,

I'll be moving to Edinburgh next week and hope to finally find a GP that takes my PA seriously. I've rented a flat in Polwarth/Merchiston? on the Union Canal, thus that's roughly the area I'd be looking at. The Uni of Edinburgh practice might also be an option, though I think they currently don't accept any new patients.

Important: finally a GP that takes my PA and thyroid problems seriously.

Please send a private message or reply here if this is allowed.

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  • Hello

    Could you let me know where the Edinburgh doctor is? I am trying to find one and it seems to be impossible at the moment. Many thanks.

  • I don't know. I'm trying to find one myself

  • Ha! if you find one let us know and we will join you in Edinburgh.

  • Doesn't sound hopeful :( At least I know which gp not to take as I ended up in pretty much the same catchment area as a friend.

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