B12 still over 2000 no supps

Hi there, another b12 test done and again over 2000, but whereas below previous tests it flagged it as discuss with doctor, this one says it's normal 'modified result by rules' - what does this mean ? I haven't had an active b12 so how can they calculate it ? Am awaiting test result for homocysteine .

Meanwhile my serum gamma gt level has gone from 14 in 2014 to 36 in August and 34 now ( range 7-32) I don't drink .

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  • pugdogs, not sure what you mean by 2000 being in range - the result reported is actually one that is above the measurable range for the assay method and equipment that is being used to measure the B12 level, so is significantly out of 'normal' range result.

    However, also notice from hedgehog's other posts that there was supplementation in the past - up to 6 months ago but not clear from the other posts how what supplements hedgehog has been taking.

    Hedgehog, it can take quite a while for levels in blood to drop after supplementation - 3-6 months is the range usually given for trying to get a baseline but some people will need even longer than this without supplementation.

    I can't comment on what the note on the blood test means - think you would have to ask your GP - possible that there is more information in the accompanying notes - or it may mean going back to the labs that did the test.

  • Thank you . The lower liver reading was in 2014, since then it was 36 in August and 34 last week .

    My b12 is way over normal but I'm struggling to get the GP to understand thus isn't ok . I asked for an endo referral , but instead they wrote and the response to that was to give me a homocysteine test . I'm getting very angry about all this , I pay a lot of higher rate tax and ni and don't seem to be getting a satisfactory service never mind a good one from the NHS .

    My b12 has been over 2000 for 6 years . I was previously ok other than about 15 years ago when I had b12 loafing injections due to deficiency because I am a vegetarian .

    My diet hasn't changed and I haven't had any supps for a year so there is no reason to have high b12. Now my liver gamba gt is much higher I'm concerned they have misssed a developing condition . I tried to get an appointment to discuss this with my GP last week but the earliest appointment I could get is 23 January next year ...

  • Yes Gambit of course you are absolutely right...what am I thinking!

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