> 2000 B12 levels

My child is 8 years old and had blood works done recently all in all good results but her B12 were marked > 2000 so we had her retested and same result she is not on any supplements or shots

Has no other symptoms like fatigue at time she complains of tummy aches but her bile movements are normal

Any suggestions why her B12 are so high we are waiting to be seen by a Hemotologist and Gastroenterologist but meanwhile we are in limbo

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  • Hi MD12

    I can fully understand your concerns in respect of your child. There are a fantastic range of experts here ( I am at a very low level) but it would really help if you would let us all know where you are in the world because the high B12 rsults you have referred to >2000 are really unusual.

  • We live in the USA East Coast

  • You haven't said why you had your child tested to begin with? Maybe a little history would help.

  • We got blood works done because she had a bad headache once and my family has history of migraines but because she is a very pickyeater and her dietary is very selective. So my concern was she may have a defincy in vitamins due to her dietary. But as it came out she had no defincy in any vitamins including iron her vitamin D was a little low but nothing extremely but as explain B12 > 2000

  • i dont have any expertise but i really hope you get it sorted its such a worry when your child is ill x

  • Thank you we are praying that she isn't sick in that sense but we do want to get to the bottom of it she is active energetic and looks very healthy

  • glad she looks well. hope you get to the bottom of it. x

  • Does she eat much sugar by way of fizzy drinks or coloured candy/sweets?

  • No in fact she doesn't like any chocolate or candy if she consume sugar is things like milk or food that has sugar in it like cereal etc

  • this article discusses the potential causes of elevated serum B12 though I'm afraid it is probably rather frightening reading though the good news is that it is generally seen as a very early indicator of many of the conditions.


    hope you get to the bottom of things soon

    - good that she doesn't have any signs of a functional deficiency as a result of the elevated B12.

    >2000 is an indication that the serum B12 is above the range where the kit measuring can measure levels with any degree of accuracy.

  • Will read through it thank you we know that is very little known about elevated levels especially if no supplements are taking most articles lead to an underlying cause as probably describe here liver disease or blood disease kidney. Our pediatric called the hematologist in the children hospital and discussed the lab works and was told by the hematologist they have seen more cases lately with elevation of B12 and do not know the root cause as of yet but blv it may be dietary link . We all know that B12 suppose to be discharged when in excess. But we also know little to nothing how GMO and gluten or any other chemical production effect our bodies. We will try to change our foods to non GMO and organic but we need to wait until she is been seen by both specialists hematologist and gastroenterologist

  • Hi MD 12, from what I can understand ( from myself!) is that high b12 without any supps ( like Me) can be caused by a number of issues

    1. Too much protein binding agent in blood - shouldn't cause long term issues

    2. Anti body

    3. Liver/kidney or blood issues

    Your son needs to have an 'active B12' which you can pay to get at St Thomas in London

    and then you need an MMA test and possibly Homocysteine - also St Thomas - If MMA and homo are normal , then it is likely that it is 1 or 2. St Thomas is going to send my blood abroad to check for this.

    I paid for all this privately as I was so frustrated with GP who wouldn't refer me. After 6 months begging they spoke to a Endocrinologist who agreed to check my Homo. that came back within normal, so they wouldn't take it any further. I contacted St Thomas Hospital and actually went to London to give bloods - you can do this via a post. My Mum paid for it for my birthday present for me xxx

    Don't worry at this point, just have a plan and be the CEO of your families health, as unfortunately the NHS no longer have the resources to pay to do this.

    The St Thomas MMA Active B12 will cost you about £100 depending on collection - well worth the money for peace of mind.

    I took all my results back to my clueless GP 2 weeks ago. I asked to see a graph of my B12 results and what do you know.... there was a steep upward graph from 19 years ago when i have B12 injection to correct nutritional deficiencies and had the Shilling Test. It is not clear that either the test or the injection triggered a response in my body. Why didnt they do that 6 months ago?! If it wasn't for my raised liver enzymes, at this point I would leave it. As

    I do have other symptoms I am paying to have more tests to ensure it is definitely this cause. Maybe then, they will refer me to Haematologist to find out what long term issues around high B12 might be.

  • PS my B12 is currently 6000!! Just noticed you are USA based. Just ask for an MMA and homocysteine as I don't know if you can get Active B12 (Holotranscobalamin) in US and cant imagine you can send blood that far!

  • PPS - Eat healthily but I doubt whether it us caused by GMO etc, - I have an organic vegetarian diet in the EU where there are lots of banned pesticides that are allowed in USA. I also follow a low carb diet with very little gluten. I still have B12 of 6000. You are wasting your time over this - just be healthy.

  • Sorry my apology I just scrolled up and saw u explanation

  • Thank you so much for all that info

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