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Went for appointment with nurse... she did a GPcog assessment!

Hi, again.

This new surgery has a mandatory, welcome to the practice medical run by a nurse.

It was 4.30, not the best time and I was exhausted anyway as per.

At the end of height, weight, BP usual she gave me the test.

I could tell her the date, time, year etc but the remember this name and address I could only recall the surname and house number after distracting me with numbers. She asked me what I had done the day before, could not recall anything!

I hastely told her of brain fog ala Autoimmune diseases but she seemed concerned.

Have any of you, probably over 65s like me run into this? How concerned were your medics?

Is there a difference between brain fog and cognitive impairment?

I had told new GP of all my symptoms including reducing acuity, not that she commented.

Should I be concerned? How badly?

Thanks yet again for your help.

By the way, further blood results added to last post, folate etc.

You are all stars


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if they suspect CI they should do a blood screen which will include B12 and folate to rule out a number of other conditions. of course, different matter as to whether they pick up on B12 as a real possibility unless the numbers come back below normal range.

A proper CI test includes a number of activities - not all memory related but also reasoning but correct interpretation can be a bit hit and miss. At the end of the day you could find yourself in the same catch 22 as comes from using one standard and rather biased questionnaire for diagnosing depression.


Been there done that too! Interesting. Glad it has other aspects as nothing else mentioned though she did give me details of other nameless patients who were worse! Hope thats the end of it as started self injecting this week so expecting better function at some point.

Thanks as always guru


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