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Hi everyone I'm new to this forum, I hope anyone could possibly shed some light on my confusion of PA. I have been anaemic on an off for about three years, usually blamed on my fibroids. Having had my uterine embolised about 8 months ago,I though all would be well, but, alas, no. I had some blood tests recently due to sore, painful mouth-ulcers and redness, the results showed again I was anaemic and with but B12 deficiency. A later test revealed that my IF was 'normal'. I'm still waiting to see the doctor to decide the course of action. Could I still have PA if my intrinsic factor is normal? Also, I was vit D deficient a couple of years ago which I found bizarre, as I always go out having two dogs that are walked twice daily. I have had bowel problems in the past that I also blamed on my fibroids (diarrhoea frequently) that has returned. Thanks to anyone that has took the time to read my post.

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IFA test is notoriously prone to false negatives - about 50% of time so a negative/normal result doesn't rule out PA

not uncommon for B12 deficiency to occur with other vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

PA is the most common absorption problem

Whatever the actual cause of a B12 absorption problem the symptoms are the same - and so is the treatment, unless the cause is treatable - eg h pylori or tapeworm infestations (not common outside scandinavia)

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Thanks, hopefully I can get this sorted out pretty soon with my doctor.


Have you been tested for celiac as this can cause these problems as well one other possibility to be ruled out.

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No, I have only recently had the tests showing low vitamin B12. Thanks I will look into celiac as I was intolerant of dairy as a child and have reactions to some foods now, sea food etc.


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