Body Hair Changes & Some Progress Maybe?

Hi all haven't posted for a while but kept up others. This is a bit of a strange one but I haven't found any similar on this site about it so here goes.

Since starting self injecting about 2 months ago and still playing around with the frequency I have noticed a few subtle physical changes with my body. It may be a coincidence of course but my armpit hair of which I've had none for several years has started to grow albeit very slowly and wispy and dare I say my pubic hair which had gone horribly coarse sparse and greying is suddenly back to brown and soft. The other thing is I don't get the awful screaming cramps I used to get when I stretch especially when I wake in the night or morning. Energy levels vary much and I quickly tire still.

I wondered if anyone else had experienced similar things with body hair. My head hair did thin a little but not a lot, although it was fully silver grey by the age of 50 and had my first grey ones at 17.

I hope my subject doesn't offend anyone but it's just so good to see something, anything happening at long last after many years of poor health.

Love to all Sallyb

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  • Not noticed any differences with body hair but some of my grey head hair is growing in dark again. (Sadly not all of it! :-P ) Dark at both the roots and ends but light in the middle bit!

  • Hi taka thanks for replying. Isn't it strange what happens. Do post again if any other changes. Wonder what happened to the middle bit!!

  • One of the symptoms of B12 deficiency is premature greying so I guess the melanocytes cells in my hair follicles were struggling a bit just like the rest of me! My hair is pretty long so it looks like there was a few years worth of grey... (I normally use a dark redish semipermenant dye and have very dark hair so you can still see the difference in shades especially when the dye has faded a bit and needs redoing.)

  • Interestingly, before being diagnosed, in a really short time frame my hair went white, starting from the front and moving backwards. After my jabs, I realised it had stopped losing colour, leaving me with a white front and dark back. At first I hoped it would regrow, but to be honest I quite like it now.. We keep learning more and more about the things this B12d does to us!

  • Hya Baggy8 you've got a unique look all of your own. It actually sounds rather nice. Do post if any changes won't you.

  • Hi there,

    You're not alone! I lost all my pubic/arm pit hair for 5 years, & was totally stunned to discover that after only loading doses, & 2 following injections, my 'body hair' began returning!

    I now self inject, & no longer have the same frequency of horrific cramping in my feet.

    So, glad you brought this subject up 😊

    Kind Regards


  • Hya AnnaKatrina that's so reassuring to know I'm not alone. I put sparse body hair down to age / menopause but it acutally disappeared long before that so I always wondered. It's wonderful the cramps have gone as I used to really fear stretching which made me more tense.


  • I'm so glad you did. this is something I have worried about for ages and wasn't sure of public and underarm hair stooped due to age or deficiency . so glad to hear your story ☺. looking forward to some regrowth when I go back onto si when my order comes through. x

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