Help with supplements needed


Recently had my bloods retested after starting on 50mg Levo in September.

Levo was increased to 75mg and I was also prescribed Vitamin D tablets as my levels were low.

I have since got hold of my results and noticed both B12 and ferritin levels are also on the floor, but noted as "normal".

Also have very high TPO antibodies and Parietal cell antibodies, but no mention was even made of pernicious anaemia by the GP.

I spoke with the GP and practically had to fight him to get B12/ferritin prescriptions; Anyhow, long story short I would like to know if what he has prescribed looks correct for my levels?

50microgram Cyanocobalamin tablets (My B12 level is 246; range is 247.00 - 911.00ng/L)

305mg Ferrous fumarate capsules (My ferritin leveli is 24.9 (range is 20.00 - 300ug/L)

Many thanks in advance.

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  • I notice that you've posted on TUK about your thyroid problems and Clutter, one of the admins, advised you that you have Hashimoto's Disease and that you would almost certainly benefit from a gluten free diet. She's absolutely correct. I have a similar set of problems and you'll find quite a few PAS members popping up on TUK too. :-)

    As for the GPC abs, obviously a positive result is suggestive of PA, but it would be useful to have IF abs tested too. I wonder why your GP didn't do this? In any case, your B12, folate, Vit D and ferritin are very low and need to be addressed. These results, together with the hypothyroidism, point to poor absorption via the gut. The iron prescription is standard NHS, but cyanocobalamin tablets are unlikely to be of benefit, and would need to be a much higher dose in a case of PA. B12 injections are the only sure way to get a specific amount into the body.

    Have a look at the pinned posts on the right of the page, then tackle your GP again. For one thing, neurological damage can occur when serum cobalamin falls below 500.

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