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You must watch this!

Tom o Bryan touches on the subject of how b vit folate and b12 are linked to gluten dont need to watch it all its at about 22 plus minutes I think..

Later in the video he explains that he gets so many patients complaining of brain fog tiredness tingling numbness etc ALL SOUND familiar and going gluten free significantly improved there symptoms.

He also does a video about the thyroid connection I haven't watched yet but we also all know b12 and thyroid issues are connected.

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For me the symptoms(pins and needles) have returned with a vengance! Told i am coeliac, six months ago. So another trip to the gp to again try to get them to acknowledge that b12d is what they should be addressing, because during/after loading 15months ago, thankfully the p&n went away.


Sorry easily confused here .,.do you have on going injections...?


Yes, 3 monthly. But have self treated in between with patches drops and injections (on rare occasions).

Just got recent blood result where b12 is 2000- going to be loads of fun trying to get acknowledgement that when first loaded my symptoms slowly improved- with my own top ups as well, because the gp certainly didnt listen when i repeatedly mentioned my neuro symptoms.

Have got to a point now where i will more than likely just say if you wont treat as you should then i will self inject, and wait for the horrified look!

I had cut down dramatically on how much i self treated and this obviously has caused my initial problems to resurface, so wednesdays trip to the surgery will be an adventure! One i could do without!!!! Lol

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How did you find out you had celiac did the blood test come back positive ....also like to know what made them investigate this? Just curious to know as I was dismissed years ago because of negative result... even tho iv had many GI symptoms for years... unexplained weight loss ect.


In some weird respect i was lucky!

But I put weight on though, 2stone in a year.

Because i originally went to gp for two weeks of the runs- told to only have liquids to see if it stopped- only a bit. Had bloods which showed b12d, loading followed. This was because i happened to mention burning legs as i was leaving the surgery. Had numerous symptoms i had just ignored which in retrospect came on quite quickly timescale wise.

Because he didnt put the possible link together second gp ordered camera up,it was a very short wait for the appt but they were unable to get far enough, (long colon apparently)so no confirmation of ilium damage. Because of this i said i wanted camera down. We had originally discussed this too but he didnt order it!! Long waiting for gastro appt this time and i had to go to a different hospital in a different postcode area, but they seemed thorough. Bloods done on initial visit came back coeliac positive but they gave me camera down to confirm. Upshot is, i appear to be a silent coeliac because of no previous symptoms- who now has "significant damage to the stomach".

You could go gluten free and see if it helps. Only trouble is going back onto the gluten stuff if they want tests done.


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