B12 def with tinitus and deafness ???

Hi I'm new to this wonderful community. So glad I have found it, just starting out on the road to make my GP listen and educate myself more on my problems. Basic run down. Was told at 21 I had very low B12 so low that my doctor came to my home as I had not been back to GP to get results (I had just had a baby) so was told that I have to have B12 every 3 months for poss rest of my life, ok why? I didn't ask I was young paid no attention, since 21 to my age now 34 I've only ever had around 3/4 blood test 🙈 Bad I know but I'm not one to go doctors, I ise to suffer and get on with it. Although now I've noticed I get funny sensations in my head, strange noises I can't describe it only that it feels like startled noise and very loud thuds which mainly happen at night or while trying to chill. I get vibrating in feet soles, tingling in hands feet, most worrying is I have gone deaf, had test done they couldn't find a problem as to why I have gone deaf, I've never had a ear ache in my life or ear infection. At the time of going deaf I've a period for 6/8 months I had very bad tinitus which has never gone away, had this for 4 years now ! Just wanted to check if anyone else with B12 def has suffered with the deafness ? And tinitus for this long? During the time of this happening I never had a B12 injections at all. Had my 3rd B12 injection in 14yrs 2 days ago. I will be asking my doctor why it's low as I eat all B12 foods, so want to find out why I'm not able to get B12. Also had other bloods carried out which I have so am able to answer questions on other blood results of anyone needs them also what should I be asking my doctor to do or test ? Also I have started taking 20000 B12 sup tablets. Really looking forward to some help as I see you guys are amazing at helping xx

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  • I also had tinitus and it went away after I started injecting.

  • My tinnitus improved after taking B12.

    "told at 21 I had very low B12 so low that my doctor came to my home as I had not been back to GP to get results (I had just had a baby) "

    Just wondered if you had gas and air during labour ? Gas and air contains nitrous oxide. See link about nitrous oxide


    In the UK, people who are symptomatic for B12 deficiency are supposed to be treated even if b12 levels are within range. I wrote an extensive reply on your other thread.

    pernicious-anaemia-society.... Click on Symptoms checklist


  • I didn't realise that so many of my weird and wonderful symptoms were down to B12 deficiency and I'm a lot older than you. Who'd have thought tinnitus, burning feet and tiredness were related?

    I've been self injecting for less than 3 months. Dizziness, fog brain, tinnitus have all disappeared. Still get tired if I overdo it but I'm nearly 62 so not a spring chicken any more.

    You will get it sorted but you need to. Don't let yourself get to how I was.

    Gather all the info here and take it to your doctor. Get copies of your blood tests so you know exact figures and ranges. Follow the advice on here and you will improve your health.

  • Hello Jaylou , I have a lot of the symptoms you describe even though Ive been on B12 injections for 3-4 years now. Had tinnitus for about 30 years now but I found it improved if I ate about 8 walnut halves a day , it didn't go but it did calm down. Unfortunately I now seem to have IBS and the walnuts make it worse so I have cut back on them and the now the tinnitus is back with a vengeance. Not gone deaf but my hearing has got worse and I do have sight disturbances, noises in my head like someone rustling a silk scarf and lode bangs like someone knocking on the door with their fist. Good luck and best wishes.

  • My severe tinnitus eased considerably when I finally started treatment for pernicious anaemia. Also be aware that thyroid disorders, both hypo- and hyper-, can also cause tinnitus.

  • Certainly b12 injections have banished the tinnitus I was suffering from.

  • I do also have multi nodular grotire which I have had since 21 now 34 but never had any test carried out for this in the years I have had it. Only recently had bloods for this and was told they was normal. Have appointment with ENT 27th Nov to have this looked at has it has grown very large and causing me problems

  • A multinodular goitre should not have been neglected for so long. Do you have your thyroid test results, with lab ranges? Have you sought advice on the Thyroid UK forum here on HU?

  • there are a lot of things that can cause tinnitus and a lot of things that can cause deafness.

    There does seem to be quite a lot out there in terms of studies into whether B12 might be implicated in age related deafness


    and this article is very interesting in relation to cochlear related hearing loss


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