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More on the Betrayal Series - Microbiome and how to restore Good Bacteria

" CLICK HERE TO WATCH EPISODE 3: The Microbiome and How To Restore The Good Bacteria, Plus Colitis & Gut Disease Success Stories.

'Here's what you might not know: Compromised gut bacteria is the root cause of an onslaught of autoimmune diseases, whether it's Thyroid Disease like Hashimotos, Psoriasis, Alzheimer's or whatever other condition it may be... or whatever the symptoms that manifest... whether it's inflammation, joint pain, migraines or depression... the list is long. Life long.

How microbiomes regulate the immune system

A solution for a healthy microbiome

Case studies of patients healed by healthy microbiome

Plus how to check the status of your gut's microbiome and how food affects microbiome.

Click through and watch today's Episode immediately, because it's coming down soon to make room for the next episode.

Click here to watch Episode 3.

PPS: Do you know of someone who might benefit by watching this video? Please send them the link: "


Link only works below for some reason.

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Do hope people are watching. Often things we know - but so good for new people. Also so important to be reminded of so many important things.

There is no such thing as a quick fix 😊

Thank you Polaris ......

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Hi Marz

Just finished watching it. 🙂 I agree Marz - there's been something interesting in each episode that I hadn't heard before. This time, it was the woman who started to have frequent bouts of shingles, something that has been happening to my daughter. So pleased to know that it cleared after following a gluten free diet as daughter has been g/f for a few weeks now and it could encourage her to stick with it. 🤗

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well worth watching

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