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Series of free videos on Autoimmune Disease and the Importance of a healthy gut


I've been trying to post the link but, for some reason cannot - only available for 24 hours but very interesting. They mention the importance of B12 being absorbed from acid in the gut.

'Tonight begins the second episode of Betrayal: The Autoimmune Disease Solution They're Not Telling You.

Episode 2: The Leaky Gut Problem, Detection And Diagnosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Case Studies Of Gut Disease and Reversal.

The truth about the leaky gut and rheumatoid arthritis connection

The issue with vitamin deficiency and poor absorption

The vitamin d deficiency connection to leaky gut

The importance of a healthy gut

What intestinal permeability is, and why you need to know about it'

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AHa - hope it works...

Something I learned from this video that I hadn't read before :

"If gall bladder has been removed, you will not have enough acid" !

Wish we'd known this when trying to get diagnosis for my sister .

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But bile is alkali.

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Polaris ...This is very interesting. I have been on a journey of discovery which has made me lose my faith in doctors completely. After years of misdiagnosis for staggering, exhaustion, nose bleeds, jount pain , ibs symptoms. name it, I have now been diagnosed positive for hpylori, only after I requested a test be done. I googled all these symptoms after finding out I was b12 deficient. after triple therapy I decided to look for help for hpylori and am now taking an enteric coated probiotic and also a good quality oil of oregano. I have had to cut out milk and sugar. no doctor has given me follow up or advised probiotics. my b12 deficiency stems from the hp bacterial infection which I have had for years and this has probably permanently damaged my digestive tract.

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I'm so sorry you've had to suffer so long with little help Peggy but glad you've found the right treatment after all your own research 🤗 I very much identify with your gastric symptoms, IBS and H/pylori and only recovered after following g/f diet and taking organic sauerkraut (best probiotic I'd tried).

Heartily agree about little faith in GPs after having spent most of today trying to convince all involved in my relative's health care that she is suffering from severe B12def. and should not be sectioned again because she's had B12 treatment withdrawn...(tearing hair out at astounding arrogance of GPs obstruction and refusal to read or follow guidelines or research from the outset).

Something is very, very wrong with this country's test & drug based only system with complete disregard of a patient's history, symptoms and failing clinical condition, leading to unnecessary suffering and descent into loss of self....

Is this something on television ? If so , what channel? -Sounds interesting .

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Hi Wedgewood

It's a documentary series on line (free sign up) called 'Betrayal' presented by Dr Tom O'Bryan and other well known functional practitioners including Dr Kharrizian :

It gives the facts on why medication does not address the core solution behind autoimmune disease.

Each episode is only available for 24 hours though.

(I tried to post this before it began a couple of days ago but it looks like the link doesn't work in the post, only in 'reply' !)

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Thanks Polaris . I have watched it and will watch the others as well . Great !

Answers lots of questions I had. Thank you.

Very interesting. Thank you for posting.

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