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Hi been taking jarrows 1000mcg methl b12


Whilst im waiting i have continued to use these i think i have a little bit more energy . I still have facial weakness etc but mood a little better should i be taking methal folate im c677t

Im hoping the injections will help my face

I also have probitics to take as have tgrush in my mouth

I just cant keep waiting so started taking them.

I cant tolerate any stress at all still get very anxious and stuck in past events when my mood drops . I get very dehydrated and have a problem with what seems to be water balance in my ody.

On my period my legs hold water and jeans are tight or could this mean my rlectrolytes arent good need magnesium or potassium

So complicated.

Thankyou x

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Hi Manlou. Pleased to hear that you're feeling a little better.

If I remember rightly, your blood tests (MMA and homocysteine) are on the 18th? Best to tell all your medic's that you have been supplementing with high dose B12 tablets as they will have to factor this in when evaluating your results 😀.

Water retention is quite common for some people during menstruation so this may be the cause of your 'water problems' (think Gambit62 gave a better explanation in a previous post 😀).

If you're worried about electrolytes, best ask GP to check via blood test. Please do not take potassium supplements unless your potassium levels have been tested. Too much potassium can be dangerous (it effects the way your heart functions) and supplements should only be taken under direct medical supervision. Most people take potassium rich foods to give levels a boost, or maintiain them.

If you are getting potassium levels checked, might be a good idea to ask your GP to check your magnesium levels also (and perhaps ferritin and folate too, if these have not been done for a while. Seem to recall that your folate levels were very high indeed - and that can cause you to feel quite ill (see previous replies for more information on this).

Some people with MTHFR and C667T gene variations do take methyl folate rather than folate - but is it better to wait until your folate levels drop to within the normal reference range. To be honest, not sure - perhaps others with more knowledge of MTHFR will reply and advise ( fbirder ).

Incidentally (and don't know if you know this) anxiety and depression can also be signs of B12 deficiency, so once you start your injections hopefully these symptoms will improve.

And's so complicated 😱🤔😀

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Hello x


No i dont know what my folate is to be honest gp has never saud thet are high or low but they dont seem to comment much on anything :/

Could do with them tested.

Yes i get like it every month but also if i eat wrong foods so its either yeast, soya gluten im not sure . Ill drink water and just swell up.

Yes my mood has been a little better i think ive wanted to go see a friend last couple if days and oftern dont coz feeling so crap.

H plyori how do i test this ? And how do they treat it? Itsstrange as amy yasko site they said my mfthr is prone to h ployri with all my mutations ... does it cause pa hp?

Yes i will tell them i know i shoildnt off but i cant keep carrying on like it too much with toddler and no car etc i need to feel vetter asap . Ill tell themits helping maybe thet will realise i need them even more .

Hope your well thankyou



Hi Mandlou. Your GP can do a breath test to test you for heliobactor pylori. If the test is positive, your GP will treat you with a triple course of antibiotics and then re-test two weeks after you've finished the course to make sure the bacteria have been eradicated. Occasionally, two courses of eradication therapy (triple antibiotics) are needed to get rid of the HP infection (this happened to me, but it's gone now).

Infection with heliobactor pylori can lower B12 levels but it does not cause PA. Having an autoimmune condition (like PA or lupus) can make you more prone to infection with HP.

Good idea about telling your medic's about how your symptoms have improved since taking the B12 supplements. Some people keep a symptom log so that they can take it along to GP and consultant appointments to use as evidence to support requests for B12 injections (or extra B1/ injections).

It's really good to hear that you wanted to go see a friend - definately an improvement on what I call the 'hiding' symptom. I had that and it's awful 😖. I know you say you feel like c**p now, but as you improve further, you'll begin to feel better and more able to do the things you and your daughter enjoy. Wanting to go out (even if you can't quite make it yet) is the first step to something better, so hurrah for that 😀.

And yes, I'm well thank you (in an autoimmune not quite treated yet kind of way...😱👍)....really appreciate you asking Mandlou.'s late so I'm off now. Take very good care and try to take each day one step at a time...and treat every small improvement as a taste of things to come 😀😀😀


Aw thankyou for your support xx im sorry your not treated yet hope u are sorted asap aswell

Oki will ask gor the test i feel very foggedmy arm aches and like holding water Gain today

I didnt sleep bubs very restless up at 4 ... i did drink coffee with soya testerday and had few spoonfuls if peanut butter last night i didnt have dinner as ao busy chasing toddler...

So its either peanut butter or the soya but cant lift my right arm today but most people would be tiered i suppose... feel like i need sugar catch 22 situation 😒 Xx

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