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Neuro symptoms

When listing what seem to me to be my symptoms of B12 deficiency when speaking to a health professional, those symptoms seem slight and easily dismissed as trivial. How severe would one expect them to be before being considered serious? If one goes into great detail, in my experience, it would seem to be counter productive as one is flagged up as a hypochondriac. Any thoughts about this would be welcome as I'm going in to discuss test results next week, armed with all of this communities' much valued advice.

Thanks x

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Hi rosebudsmith looking back to your previous posts it appears you have been having regular B12 injections in the past which have been stopped and you have since been supplementing orally but are still suffering symptoms.

Do you know why your were B12 deficient in the first place? This should be in your notes and if your "lifestyle" hasn't changed significantly and you have an absorption problem then that may well explain why you are feeling like you do now.

I am not a medically qualified person but I understand that we need a healthy level of Folate as this is essential to process the B12. Have you been supplementing with folic acid?

As to your symptoms, write them down and present them to your doctor and if possible take someone with you who can validate them as it is unlikely the doctor will completely dismiss you in front of a witness.

I wish you well


Hi Rosebudsmith. No symptoms related to B12 deficiency are trivial...and you may even have symptoms that you don't even know are symptoms (I did).

It would be a good idea to print the symptoms list from the second PAS pinned post, highlight what is relevant to you, and simply hand this over to,your GP. As an added advantage, it will have the PAS logo on it so your GP will not be able to tell you that you read too much nonsense on the Internet (many do, even though NHS Choices directs people to Health Unlocked for advice and support).

Another place to look for a symptoms list is a slightly more detailed list and you might find that you have even more symptoms than you originally thought. Also check-out for more information about symptoms.

If I was you, I'd highlight all the lists and take them all with me....but if you can't face this use the one that has most best matches for the symptoms you have.

I know it's very difficult to reel off a list of symptoms when sitting opposite an uninterested GP's your body, your health...and you do have these symptoms....and your GP needs to deal with this. And if B12 deficiency is not the reason (or your GP thinks it's not) then he / she needs to take you seriously and aim to investigate so that your symptoms can be relieved and your health improved.

And just keep in mind that your GP should treat your symptoms, not your blood results (see NEQAS guidelines in the second pinned post). And you have symptoms 😖.

Good luck with the test results - but it's worth saying that GP's often say they're normal, when they're not. If you want to get copies and post your results here (together with the reference ranges), people will be able to help,you interpret them, if this would help.

Very good luck and let us know how you get on 😀 X


Not treating a B12 absorption problem/deficiency because the symptoms are minor is like ignoring the oil-warning light or some other warning light in the car and waiting until things get so bad that the car breaks down. Dealing with the consequences can be a lot more expensive than just doing a bit of maintenance when it is needed.

In the UK it is supposed to be a national HEALTH service.

Really hope that your GP has the sense to realise that and listen properly


Sorry to say this but from my experience you would have to be extremely disabled or even "close to death " before GPS in this country do anything at all... or just saying how Sorry they are (they're good at that!) so you need to carry on pushing them to do their job although often you might feel you haven't got the energy. Courage and good luck.


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