Neuropathy Prick sensations changing

My neuropathy pricks have changed from sharp intense pain in my hands to wider spread much smaller sensations that are not painful. I have had 14 weeks of injections (cyanocobalam - 1000MCG). Also, I have had three weeks of a genetric drug - Metanx (prescription vitamin). My white matter on my brain has demylation so I will have another MRI and a spinal tap in tne next week. I have regained a TON more energy which I think is a result of the folate in the Metanx. My brain fog is less, but still present. Dizzy moments throughout tne day. I am hoping that prehaps some neurological improvement is occuring. My new MRI will be compared to the early October one. Any feed back on changing prick sensations? When I was startled driving yesterday when a car cut in front of me I felt tiny pricks run down my arms into my hands and in a hot bath tonight I felt them as well. Heat never brought on pricks before only handling extreme cold items and daily hand use.

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  • it does sound as if there is some neurological improvement. It will take a while though and it may result in odd sensations that you don't necessarily remember experiencing in the past. The sensations on your arms and hands after the crash actually sound as if they could be normal rather than abnormal - a stress reaction like the hairs trying to stand upright in response to the adrenaline from the shock.

  • Interesting notion, thanks!

  • My neurologists and internist in the USA seem to not know about the every other day deal. I was given a seven day upload when first diagnosed. I will be bring it up! :)

  • US tends to use cyanocobalamin - UK hydroxo - and the protocols for loading and maintenance are different ... in the US things can also vary from one state to another.

  • I've only been at this a few weeks but have already noticed changes similar to what you describe (the worst of my neuropathy only started a few months ago so perhaps my damage is not as severe as yours).

    The numbness first turned into a strong burning (painful!) sensation. After a few days it turned into slightly less painful pins and needles, and tingling sensations. The fizzing in my legs turned into a feeling of tightness. While two fingers and part of my right hand are still numb, I mostly just have tingling now. However I've also noticed a sensation what feels like ants crawling in areas that were never numb or tingling to begin with, e.g. upper arms, cheeks/face/tongue.

    I read somewhere that heat can make neuropathy feel worse.

    Also from what I've read, since you have neuro symptoms, you should be getting injections *every other day* until there's no further improvement.

  • Pain can be another symptom that lets you know the nerves are healing. The signal to the brain is stronger and it takes 2-3 days for the brain to recalibrate to the stronger signals.

    I find that working through the pain and telling myself that it is "good" pain makes it less severe and it goes away faster.

    Physical movement exercises also stimulate the nerves to repair and release B12 from the muscles.

    Getting started is always the hardest but once the muscles are going things get a lot easier. I find if I pace myself, I can go all day. I sleep well also.

  • Interesting notion! Thanks

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